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    7mm-08 Load Data for heavy for caliber bullets

    I went higher than 48 gr but accuracy decreased. Not sure you can get over pressure with RL 26 in the 7-08.
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    Speer 140 gr Deep Curl - Follow up info appreciated

    41.5 gr IMR 4350. About 2700fps. 22 inch Ruger American Predator.
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    Speer 140 gr Deep Curl - Follow up info appreciated

    I got these last January. Looked like they were moly coated at one point. Weighed several and there is about a 1.5 grain variance in weight. Loaded some in my 6.5 Creedmoor. First 2 shots in the same hole and the 3rd about 2 inches high. These bullets were not weighed. Will try again in the...
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    Rad-78L powder for tracers

    Used it for tracers in my AR 15. Velocity is slow but they all lit. Data on the jug said 23 grains for about 2300fps was max. Thought that was awful slow but 23gr was all that you could get in the case. Very bulky powder. Also used it in 30-06, 8x57, 308 and 7-08. Low velocity and frequently...
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    7mm-08 Load Data for heavy for caliber bullets

    I shoot High Power Silly Wets with a Remington BDL Varmit in 7-08. Went to 168 SMKs over 48gr Reloder 26 for the rams at 500 meters for knock down power. About 2650 fps. Using Starline cases.
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    0-600yrds target caliber

    Love the 6.5 Creedmoor but 284 Win is very popular with F Class shooters.
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    6.5 Grendel won’t close bolt when feeding a round

    Are there any marks on the case after you get it out? Sometimes you have to dehorn the extractor as it will get hung up on the case rim. The Grendel forums have a thread on this with pictures..
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    Best video on how to quarter elk?

    Fred Eichler’s “How to quarter an elk in 10 minutes “ Only took me 30 minutes by myself.
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    6.5 Load

    41.5 gr IMR or H4350 with a 140 Ballistic Tip is bad medicine for deer. About 2700 fps and very accurate out of multiple rifles.
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    For all you 30-06 owners, what bullet are you using?

    Shot a vintage match this weekend using 155 Noslers and 20 gr 2400. Accurate and pleasant to shoot, not like the 200 SMK over 52 4350. Used a 03-A3.
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    I am hopeful that it will eventually arrive. If it does, then I will notify Midway to charge my card. If it doesn’t then I am not out anything.
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    I bought some stuff from Midway January 23. Shipped January 25 USPS. Tracking says intransit with no updates since January 29. Emailed Midway 2 days ago and they responded within 24 hours and refunded my account. Would rather have the items.
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    6.5 creed with the 156 Berger load data

    46.6 RL26 in a Hornady case, CCI primers out of 2 different rifles. 26 inch Howa was near 2800 fps. 156 Berger of course.
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    Primer dreams

    I am a high power competitor and match director. Once the Obamanation was over I made sure I had at least 2 lifetimes of all supplies. At my age it wasn’t that much. I will buy more if it becomes available at reasonable prices which won’t be the prices of a year ago.
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    243 powders

    Retumbo and H4831 for the heavies in my target rifle. 4064 for my hunting 243s.