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    factory load for 7mm rem mag

    No offense taken at all, just trying to learn what will do what, (GREENHORN) coupled with the fact that all of the ballitic tables that I have only go to 400 yds. (rather pathetic I know). My reasoning was simply this, I have read that the .308 is used to win shooting matches out to 1000yds...
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    Shepherd scopes

    Has anyone tried one of these It looks like it would work, except for you really LONG range hunters who are out past 1000yds
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    factory load for 7mm rem mag

    oops, sorry about not adding the specifics, deer for now, caribou in the future, possibly alaskan moose, thought I will probably use the .375 for that.
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    factory load for 7mm rem mag

    Just wondering if there was a factory load for the 7mm Rem mag, shot from a Rem PSS, that would be effective for ranges out to 700 - 800 yds. Will the Federal Premium with Nosler Partions work or are hand loads needed?
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    Nikon monarch

    Anyone have any experience with the Nikon Monarch 6.5-20x40 with the illuminated mildot reticle or somthing close to it. Am looking for a new scope for my Rem VS in .308 and am considering this or a Leupold 4.5-14x50 illuminated mildot reticle. Any thoughts?
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    why .308?

    Thanks for the input, I had always wondered about that. Am new to LR but have deer hunted for years with a Win M70 in 7mm Mag. As a result I have loads of once fired brass and figured the if I were to activily pursue this I had better start reloading my own to save money. Just wondering if it...
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    why .308?

    Hello all, Was just wondering if anyone could tell me why the .308 was chosen by so many marksmen / snipers. It would seem to me that a caliber such as the 7mm Rem Mag would give you a much flatter trajectory and increased energy downrange (comparing ballitics coeficients)while still keeping...

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