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    Wyoming Elk Unit 58

    If you can afford it go with an outfitter and go as late in hunt as possible. If your a horse or mule guy then you could hunt down by the 58/61 border which is national forest but there is a lot of private ground in unit 58. If you need an outfitter recommendation pm me.
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    Biggest Bull to Date

    And some Pictures, My bull scored 365. The other bulls scored 344 and 321.
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    Biggest Bull to Date

    I drew a Wyoming bull tag this year along with a couple of family friends we had a great time on a tough horse pack hunt. We were in about 10 miles and planned to hunt the last week of the hunt. We were about a day ride in and setting camp up had just enough time that night to hunt and spotted...
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    which 6.5 bullet?

    Just killed a big bull @ 400 yards with the 143 gr ELD-X penetrated all the way through the bull with a golf ball sized exit. I am definitely looking at the ELD-X in other calibers now.
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    Maxed out elevation on VX3i

    I would buy a new bases and rings.
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    New 6mm Bullets? Where is the Love?

    I would just like to see something in the 115 range to compete with the berger, I know this would be too long for most factory twist rates and maybe that is why nobody is making the heavy 6mms except for berger.
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    New 6mm Bullets? Where is the Love?

    Lately it seems like all the manufacturers have been designing new bullets (i.e. Hornady eld & eld-x, Sierra TMK, etc.) but non of them have come out with these designs in a 6mm. So when is the 6mm going to get some attention.
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    26 nosler rl-33 proof research lightweight buz word

    Thank you for posting your results, please keep us updated with your eld-x testing.
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    Wolves Doing what they DO!!!

    Thought you guys would be interested to read the article in the link. Wolves slaughter 19 elk in 'sport killing' -
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    Should a Range Finder come before Better Scope

    A range finder that will measure your intended range. I just picked up a sig kilo 2000 and it blows away my vortex rangefinder and my dad's bushnell bino rangefinder. The sig is truly an impressive rangefinder.
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    Bergers ????

    I had a similar experience as yours with a 270 wsm shooting the 130 gr berger hunters. Shot a nice muley through the front shoulder, in fresh snow. I tracked it for 300 yards to a place where the blood clotted and he stopped bleeding. Shot was only 100 yards and I had never had anything...
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    converting a 223 over to 22-250????

    Barrel, bolt face, feed rails, extractor, and ejector. These would all need to have work done to get it to run well. I would sell and buy a new rifle.
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    Need a light weight hunter, stuck on caliber.

    I will chime in on the 7-08 with 162 amax or 168 vld. To get to this level of BC with the 308 you have to go 208-230, more cost for the bullets and more kick from the rifle. If you want to share the 260, the solution could be an mdt lss chassis system that uses adjustable AR buttstocks.
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    1408 Yard Wind Practice for Long Range Hunting

    You just shot that man in the forehead. GOOD Shot!
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    Mauser large ring??

    If it is a model 98 or commercial sporter action than it is going to be a Large ring. It being a 30-06 is giving me the gut feeling that it is a large ring. The small rings are the Model 96,95,94, The sweedish and spanish mausers usually made in 6.5x55 and 7x57. It is pretty rare to see...