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    270 win reloading help - 150gr partitions

    From my experience, you're probably sneaking up on the top-end of 4831SC with 150's at that velocity, depending on barrel length. If it were me at this point id' probably play with seating depth at 58.5 for now in 1-2 tenth increments. Another option would be to stick with your current seating...
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    250 savage quickload help

    I know you're asking for RL26, but just to cover the bases, here's what a run with all powders, 2700FPS+, 110% case capacity, 22" bbl and the 100gr NBT looks like: Cartridge : .250 Savage Bullet : .257, 100, Nosler BalTip 25100 Useable Case Capaci: 38.913 grain H2O = 2.527...
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    New 270Win Loads

    New(ish) member here, long-time lurker, but I can contribute a bit on this topic! I'm wrapping up a round of load development on dead stock Tikka 270. I had been running RL22 for a while under 130g Accubonds. Ultimately excessive meat damage (over expansion at close range) on a couple...
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    SELLER: yote doctor

    New guy here, but wanted to share about a great experience picking up a SWFA scope from yote doctor. Communication and shipping was prompt once payment arrived.

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