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    SOLD/EXPIRED wtb 308 ammo

    Looking for 308 ammo for my new fcp-k. Want to find out what goes through my gun the best. Would like it to be 165, 168, or 175 but open to smaller stuff also. Let me know what you got. THX
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    good surplus 308 ammo

    Where can I find good ammo? m118lr, australian, port.,or south africian. I'm having a hard time trying to find these.
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    Ammo for a .308 bulk?

    Nice I'll check that out too. Cant find the horandy in stock right now.
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    Ammo for a .308 bulk?

    Thx green I'll check it out
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    Ammo for a .308 bulk?

    I have a Savage 10 fcp-k on order and would like to get a stock pile of ammo started that will shoot well. Not sure if I should say match grade or not but would like it to hold around 1 moa. I see ammo in bulk on sites like sportmans guide. Get 500 rounds for something like 58 cents a round. Are...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS/FT Remington 300 Ultra Mag LSS

    I don't shoot this gun that much. I have put around 3 boxes through it in. Think I've had it for 8 years. Used for whitetail hunting. Will come with a recoil pad, 3x9 Burris Fullfield 2, bases and rings are Leupold, and the case. Will trade for a Savage .308 model 10 fcp-k, precision, or weather...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED wtb savage 308

    Looking for a savage 308. has to have accutrigger. Looking for a weather warrior or a tactical, accustock or preferably a precision stock on the tac. Might have a possible trade for a stock Remington 300 rum lss with Burris fullfield 2 3x9, Leupold rings and bases, recoil pad.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb 300rum

    I have a remington 300 rum LSS with a burris fullfield 3x9, leupold rings and bases, recoil pad. no work done. $850
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    savage stock question

    Whats the difference between there accustock and there percision stock (model 10)? Basically which one is better and why?
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    Which .308 Savage?

    This gun will be used for mostly white tail deer but will do some long range targeting with it. Scope will be a Mullett trs-1. Looking at a savage weather warrior accutrigger and stock. here's a link for both. Savage Arms or Savage Arms The fcp I can get for about $600 used and the WW I should...
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    millett trs-1?

    Doing research. Is the trs-1 the best bang for the buck in the under $500 range? Seems like a lot of people like it. I found it at a great price also. Was really looking into a Vortex Viper but the price bug got me and wanted some more input. The scope I get will be going on a savage weather...
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    where to buy a scope "list"

    Was wouldering if you fellas and gals could help me out I would like to put together a list on where to buy scopes. As it is sometimes hard to find onlines stores. I'm personaly looking and wanting to buy a scope soon and this info would help me out greatly. Thx