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    Hello from Alaska

    Im located in Juneau. We have a pretty nice public range and a couple indoor ranges. Nothing beyond 500 yards though without hiking up above treeline. I mainly hunt blacktail deer and black bear. Iv been looking at the Bergara rifles as well as a few others. One problem with setting up...
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    Hello from Alaska

    Lots of handgun shooting mainly. I hunt a lot in the fall but with work and kids i have a hard time escaping for long enough periods to do any real rifle work like i want to. Im hoping to buy or build a medium-long range hunting/target rifle soon. Any suggestions? It cant weigh a ton like a...
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    Hello from Alaska

    New member here from Alaska. Not too many places to shoot long range in this part of the state without a looong hike before hand. Im hoping to get to know some new people while improving my skills and kit.

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