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    Idaho Bull Hammered with .284 143's Hammer's

    Yeah 9.25 twist
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    Idaho Bull Hammered with .284 143's Hammer's

    Thank you 7mm rem mag. load data (i had steve work up this load for me) rl 23 70g Wlrm primer 3.373 coal
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    Buying new riffle... So many options! Which one!

    I own a Bergara HMR and a Remington XCR II. In my humble opinion, the Bergara is a much nicer gun and it is super accurate out of the box. If was buying a factory rifle I would buy a Bergara.
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    Idaho Bull Hammered with .284 143's Hammer's

    I hunt with a 7mm Rem Mag. Last time I was at the range they were running about 3300 to 3330 FPS. It was only a 125 yard shot. I do most of my elk hunting by sneaking through the woods so the majority of my kills are under 200 yards although I have a few that I have shot at over 400. Where I...
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    Idaho Bull Hammered with .284 143's Hammer's

    I have had Hammer bullets for about a year and finally got to drop the hammer on a bull. He rolled down the mountain about 30 yards where he piled up. I don't have picture of the recovered bullet but it performed exactly as advertised. It was a tough hunt this year, most of the animals I saw...
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    Tent recommendations

    I have used the Cabelas Alaknak for 10 years now. It has held up and been a very good tent. You can put two wood stoves in it. The only problem we have had is condensation inside the tent. But we were only using 1 wood stove. Once we started using two wood stoves it has helped keep the...
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    7mm Rem Mag Ammo for Elk??

    I have killed elk with Federal Premium 160 gr Nosler partitions. Federal Premium 165gr (or are they 160 gr, I can't remember)Sierra Game Kings, and HSM 168 gr VLD Bergers. My least favorite is the Game kings. I haven't had an elk go more than 20 yards without dropping except with the game...
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    I 100% agree with this statement. My 6.5 HMR shoots lights out. In fact, it shoots better than my Rem 700 7mm rm that sits in a manners eh6. But one, its a little heavy to be lugging around the mountains and two, I would rather have my 7mm rm when it comes to elk.
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    Bighorn action and proof prefits.

    These Proof barrels are designed specifically for Bighorn actions. I think with Bighorn and Proof working together the tolerances can be trusted but that is just my opinion. This method simplifies the process by not needing go gauges or barrel nuts plus is more aesthetically pleasing in my...
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    Bighorn action and proof prefits.

    They are shouldered prefits so you do not need a nut. Basically, you just screw them on and tighten up to torque. Due to the high tolerances they are able to ream and chamber without having the action specifically for Bighorn actions from what I understand.
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    Bighorn action and proof prefits.
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    Bighorn action and proof prefits.

    Are you seeing good accuracy with the chassis's compared to having them bedded?
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    Bighorn action and proof prefits.

    oh wow nice! How do they shoot? Also you are able to do the Wyatts with the manners BDL mini chassis? Is there any negative effects if you decided to shoot factory ammo out of a wyatts extended? I am looking at doing a 300 wm and will want to eventually shoot heavier longer bullets but will be...
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    Bighorn action and proof prefits.

    Hey guys, I'm considering putting together a Bighorn SR3 with A proof barrel. I see that Proof now offers Bighorn prefits now and not just savage prefits. Are these shouldered prefits? and do you still need a barrel nut with these bighorn prefits? Thanks in advance for any info! I think it would...
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    Arizona game and fish application?

    Yeah, must be the same problem...I can't get it to work at all. I wonder if I call tomorrow they will make an exception since there website doesn't seem to be working correctly. Kinda frustrating.