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    Youth deer rifle.

    My son did very well with a 7mm 08 as a youth rifle. He's 19 now and it still works great for him. I would recommend looking at the Tikka T3X and the Howa. Avoid the overly light pencil-barreled youth rifles. While easier to carry, they don't have enough weight to dampen the recoil.
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    Shootin Beavers

    Head shot with .22 mini mags or similar hot 22 loads. High angle shot to avoid ricochet. Save the pelt for a nice momento.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Left Hand H.S. Precision Stock for a Remington 700 SA

    I'm interested as this might work for a Rem 700 SA LH build I'm working on. Do you have any further details on the stock? Model? Aluminum bedded? What did it come off of? Condition? Thanks!
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    New member from Spokane WA

    After months of lurking and learning I've decided to take the plunge and join LRH. My interests range from big game hunting to predator hunting, upland game, archery, trap and skeet, pistol shooting, outdoor photography, dog training and guiding multi-day wilderness whitewater rafting trips...