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    Vortex Recon 10x50 R/T Spotting Scope Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    "Enter Me In The Vortex/Cameraland Contest"
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    Load Developement ???

    I have found if you don't get the eye inline with the scope it will change. It is differant when you look through the scope while it is on the lead sled that is why you need to be careful when looking through the scope and make sure you are lined up. Just like one note someone else said in this...
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    Load Developement ???

    If your having trouble holding the rifle still I would invest in a leadsled, that way it takes all the human arror out of it. I use one on all loads I work up that way I know it wasn't me that made it go wrong. I have found that the H 1000 works best in the two differant rifles that I load for...
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    Hydrostatic shock, what's your opinion?

    I shoot a 300 weatherby mark five with 150 gr. Nosler at 3500 fps. I killed a bull elk at fifty yds. hitting it in the juggler . He dropped in his tracks.
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    powders to try in 300rum/180-200 grain pills

    I find that the slower burning powders work best in the larger capacity cases such as the RUM. You have to try them until you find witch one works best for your cal.
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    Swarovski Riflescope - $2,000 Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    Enter Me in the Swarovski Riflscope/ Cameraland Contest
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    Powders for 300RUM

    I agree because I have been loading for long range for a good friend and have used a large variety of powders and have concluded that retumbo is the best. I use the A-Max 208 gr. and it performs extremly well.
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    Swarovski Riflescope - $2,000 Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    Please Enter Me in the Swarovski/ Cameraland Contest