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    Help me understand a flyer

    I'm with the try other primers lobby
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    What bullet should I try in my 30-06

    I use Berger 185 classic hunters with Vit N150 and rem 9 1/2 primers gives great results in my 30.06
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    What blew up my gun?

    I'm not an engineer but a friend of mine that is said there is a theory of failure they use to calculate when something will fail. He said if you subject a rifle action to it's designed loads it is almost impossible to calculate when it will fail, but if you subject to higher loads even a few...
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    Anybody own a Bergara ridge?

    We sold Bergara's, we brought in a batch of 3 and were impressed. They had test targets with good results and lovely smooth actions. I was looking for a deer rifle at the time so ordered one in 30.06. When it arrived the test target was not that good, so we bore scoped the barrel it was as rough...
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    Why won’t my bolt close?

    Full length sizing will solve the problem, from what you describe it sounds like you have run out in the chamber and unless you place the round in the chamber in the correct orientation you can't close the bolt
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    A sad day for reloading in the UK

    That's what the majority of us hope Brexit will achieve. At least the latest attempt to stop a no deal brexit has been defeated in parliament, It seems some of our MP'S are starting to realise that come the next election a lot will be joining the unemployed
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    A sad day for reloading in the UK

    I whole heartedly agree with everything you say, we now refer to them as the EUSSR, A Greek friend of mine summed it up nicely he said "The Germans have achieved with banks were they failed with tanks" and it's true they now effectively rule Europe. Frau Merkel is responsible for the immigrant...
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    A sad day for reloading in the UK

    It was and 17.4 million of us voted to leave. However we now truly live in a banana republic, our MP's all 600 of them, the equivalent of your senators want to remain as do most of the elite and left wingers. So far they have succeeded in blocking the will of the people
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    A sad day for reloading in the UK

    yes they are available, made in Europe !
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    A sad day for reloading in the UK

    Thank you sir for that kind sentiment
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    A sad day for reloading in the UK

    You have it in one, of course they proclaim it's all for the health and safety of the people. The more cynical amongst us who have seen our own country's industries destroyed by Europe think otherwise. Europe is controlled by the Germans backed up by the French. They have used the European Bank...
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    A sad day for reloading in the UK

    It's a thing called REACH the Europeans dreamed up banning products that use certain chemicals in their manufacture. But hey guess what European powders are unaffected, this is the way the European dictators work. They restrict access to their markets with complex laws while flooding yours with...
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    A sad day for reloading in the UK

    If I stood half a chance of being allowed to live in the US I'd be on the first plane out of Dodge
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    A sad day for reloading in the UK

    I visited my local gun shop at the weekend to purchase my .308s diet of IMR3031 sorry I was told no longer available it's been banned by the European Union, so has all the other IMR powders. Last year we also lost the vast majority of Hodgdon powders for the same reason.
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    Blocked bolt with reloaded ammo

    I'm not sure why it became accepted practice to start at the lands. Probably because 1. it is an ideal reference point and 2. back in the day people always used to say you have to load to the lands to be accurate. The second is untrue today, it may have been correct when mass production...

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