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    Barnes lrx

    have you checked gunbroker?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5,7mm,30 Cal Bullets and lots of brass. Trigger and Barrel

    PM sent on the barnes and LR accubond 6.5's
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    Marsupial gear bino Harness

    This is the latest version, size medium, coyote in color. As new condition. $100 shipped PP F&F
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    Bullets for sale, 6.5,270 & 308. 45

    if you do split I'd be interest in the: barnes 6.5 127 LRX and 120 TTSX
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    ranging binos must be high end

    I would check with Doug at Cameralandny.
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    15x56 Swarovski

    a couple on
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    NIB Swarovski EL Range TA 10x42

    These are now sold, but thanks for the offer.
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    NIB Swarovski EL Range TA 10x42

    No, they are awesome, better than my Geovids, but I have decided I don't need the ballistic software and want to put the money towards tags to take my kids hunting.
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    NIB Swarovski EL Range TA 10x42

    Only taken out to inspect and take picture. Only partial trades I would be interested in are: Swaro SLC 8x42 Swaro HD 80mm STS scope body. $3400 shipped, Paypal payment, I'll cover the fee.
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    Winchester 308 Brass

    I'll take these, PM coming.
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    6.5 prc brass

    OK Dallas, PM coming. All sold, thanks guys.
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    6.5 prc brass

    Ok, I have one more box but I would like to sell that to another person as it seems like there are a lot of folks looking for it. PM coming.
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    6.5 prc brass

    new hornady 50 pcs. $125 shipped. PPF&F or M.O./check
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Bansner Sheephunter Stock

    Steve, I'll take your stock, PM coming.
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    Safe Clean Out (range finders, binos & spotter)

    do you have pictures, model and info on the geovids?