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    Weatherby Mark V Reliability

    I own four Mark V's, and I would hunt anywhere with them. Good luck. gun)
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    RWK: I would use a Barnes 225 gr. "TTSX". I loaded the Barnes .225 "X" for my cousin's .338 Win. Mag. using RL19 moving at 2,900 f/s. .75" 3 shot group at 100mm. These loads have killed 5 oryx in NM. The bullet busted through both shoulders and kept going. All the oryx died where they stood...
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    RWK: I would use at the least a 225 gr. Barnes TSX, so the rifle can be used to its full potential. Good luck.
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    8mm brass

    Use "Imperial Sizing Die Wax". I spread on small amount of the wax the outter neck with my fingers, and use a Q-Tip to apply the wax to the case mouth. :) Good luck.
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    7mm STW Help

    I own a NIB Weatherby Mark V Accumark 7mm STW which has had a trigger job, and a H-H Precision Deseret Camo stock beaded and installed. I have a Zeiss Diavari VM/V 5-15x42T mounted on the STW with Leupold QR mounts and rings. The original H-S Precision Spider Web stock was sold to my hunting...
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    I finally received 8 lbs. of Norma MRP from Good luck.
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    257 weatherby mag load data.

    Try Norma MRP Good luck.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Norma powder

    I have 1-8lb can, and 7-1lb cans of MRP back ordered, and 2 pounds of VihtaVuori N550 from Powder Valley. I will have to call them tomorrow. Good luck.
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    Concentricity Gauge

    Brno308: I have always used the washer method; here is a link which explains the procedure scroll down near the bottom >> exterior ballistics . Good luck.
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    Concentricity Gauge

    Brno308: I forgot to suggest squaring your dies; this will also help eliminating runout. :D :D Good luck.
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    Load for 270 Weatherby Magnum

    That is what Powder Valley told me Friday. I have 3 lbs. left, and only use it for hunting rounds, but I still have some on back order. Good luck.
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    Concentricity Gauge

    I use a RCBS Case Neck Turner With Auto Feed. I have found the neck turning tool remove runout to .001 or better. I have more control with a RCBS Pro Trimmer II than a Power trimmer. It is a time consuming step, but it works. When turning the outter neck, let the blade remove only half of the...
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    Load for 270 Weatherby Magnum

    Back order some Norma MRP from it should be here at the end of January 2013. Go to . Good luck.
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    7 STW with VV 570

    jbroadnax: Where did you find the data you posted for the 7mm STW using VV570. I do not have a VihtaVuori reloading manual. There is a gun show in Albuquerque this weekend, and might pick up some VV570. Thanks.
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    Longrange hunting spotting scope help!

    Sully2: Check out this information: Premium Spotting Scopes in Review: Nikon, Zeiss, Leica, Pentax 80mm, 85mm, 105mm Optics Spotting Scope PF-80ED Spotting Scope Waterproof Zoom Eyepiece smc Waterproof Zoom Eyepiece...