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    Terminal Ascent Bullets?

    An evolution of the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, IIRC. Those were great bullets. They still preform to a high standard when it comes to expansion and penetration, especially when it comes to medium game like moose and elk. Not really designed for the long rangers though... Low BC and very...
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    Copper Monos - How to choose the right weight(and maybe caliber)?

    Not a bad rule of thumb, but if you go by density, it should be 15%. Twist rate really throws a wrench into things though - LENGTH is the driving factor in gyroscopic stability, not weight. It actually comes down to the length of the bullet, but that is not a common specification, so most...
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    Copper Monos - How to choose the right weight(and maybe caliber)?

    There are two main factors when it comes to killing things with bullets. The first often goes without saying, but SHOT PLACEMENT is number 1. The second factor is BULLET PERFORMANCE, which has a tendency to get overstated and overthunk, but really comes down to 3 variables. 1. Bullet...
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    LAW M704 Stripped Action... Any good?

    To further confuse matters you could always have a 3pos installed on Remington bolt as an option;
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    Can question ( Omega 30 )

    They are prohibited here in Canada by law. It makes me so sad. 😔
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    Anyone using Hawke Bullets? What do you think?

    I think I have a box of 30cal 200gr hanging around if you are interested, Calvin. You won them in that .270 TH velocity pool thread and just didn't know it! I never did get around to trying them - I remember thinking it was cool that Hawke offered different jacket thicknesses...
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    Thoughts on this new Illinois law?

    I was catching up with a recently retired rancher in the grocery store last week. On the topic of repeat offenders, he suggested maybe the third conviction could come with with castration. Might be a good disincentive...? 🤷‍♂️
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    Opinions wanted

    Put a throw lever on the LHT and you are good to go. My only complaint is the stiff magnification ring (especially when it's cold).
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    280 AI vs. 6.5 Sherman?

    I have been using the 140gr Absolute in my .280 Rem (3240fps, 24"bbl) the last couple of years. Results on game have been fantastic - massive internal trauma and yet very little meat damage. To me, Hammers seem to be in a class of their own. Of all the Absolutes, that particular bullet seems...
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    300 WSM for elk hunting?

    Great cartridge. Very accurate and easy to load for. Kind of snappy in a light rifle though - without a muzzle brake, I wouldn't want to go much under 9lbs all up. That's just me though ... With good bullet placement, no problem. Nothing inside 500yd will know the difference. Yes, but the...
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    New universal wrench 🤣

    In the stage production/tech world it is known as a 'C-wrench' (very creative, I know). I seldom use one after discovering the German 'pliers-wrench', which was designed specifically to have parallel jaws and NOT be a 'rounder' (that's a good description of what a Crescent Wrench does to bolt...
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    Gain twist

    Ron Smith out of Alberta Canada has been manufacturing gain twist barrels for at least 2 decades (probably more). See if you can get in touch with him before he retires. Ron is a wealth of information.
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    BC, Muzzle Velocity, Bullet Expansion, Penetration. What counts the most and why?

    I think some provinces down under have outlawed growing your own vegetables as well... Biosecurity and all.... 🙄🙄🙄 Wild times...
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    BC, Muzzle Velocity, Bullet Expansion, Penetration. What counts the most and why?

    Many may not realize that some folks in Aus shoot goats like North Americans do gophers and ground hogs. Invasives are a real problem due to the lack of natural predators. Perhaps that comparison will make it easier for some to wrap their heads around the sheer numbers.
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    7mm/6.5 Weatherby RPM

    Powder bridging is an undesirable phenomenon that can occur when casefill is low. Here is the first result that popped up when I used the search feature. It's actually a pretty good explanation by Kirby.