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    I once did a rifle in JBweld once because I was in a hurry to finish it and it was the only thing in the shop I had that I could do it with. It actually turned out pretty well. Just be careful, and don't make a mess because it is hard as a rock when it sets if you get it on anything not protected.
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    .264 Win Mag

    Pretty close to what I get. Mine is a 28" shilen on a model 70 action. With retumbo I have yet to reach 3300 with a 140gr Berger before pressure signs start showing. If I remember right 3280 was about as fast as I got.
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    .264 win mag

    The 264 win mag was my father's rifle of choice and when I turned 13 he gave his to me. Since then it has become my favorite caliber. Now I have three 264 Win Mags. A mint pre-64 model 70, a later post 64 model 70 win, and my newest is a custom I built three years ago. I built it on a Win 70...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Newly refinished 700 Long action...

    I have a 700 ADL Remington Long action that I am looking to sell. The action was recently refinished for me by Bob Cogan of Accurate Plating and Weaponry. The receiver was camoed by liquid transfer print, and the bolt was industrial hard chromed, then the bolt shroud and handle were cerakoted...
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    Georgia White Tails

    I was born and raised in SW Georgia right in the middle of farm country. I hear constantly of people all over the state talking about the deer in Georgia being over shot. The herd is smaller etc..., but I have yet to see it. I currently hunt an area that 15 years ago had no deer to hunt so...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 action For Trade

    I have a newly refinished Remington 700 ADL Long action that I would like to trade for a complete Winchester model 70 classic or Rugger 77 action. The Bolt has been hard chromed with the bolt handle cerakoted matte black, and the receiver has been Camo finished with liquid transfer print...
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    Film Dipping rifles

    Those guys are into benchrest shooting if I am not mistaken. They also have a two week turn around which is unheard of. I have two stocks that I am shipping out next week to them, and an action following in a few weeks.
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    264 win mag

    I'll look thru my books in the morning and let you know what loads I have used in the past. I have been a big fan of the 264 as it was my first rifle given to me by my father. I now have three of them, and finally wore out my first one, and completely rebuilt a year ago. It is now my main...
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    Reload company

    They may be great loaders, BUT I have never bitten for the custom loading hook. Just because a load is put together precisely doesn't mean it will shoot well in your rifle. I reload for a few friends, but I ALWAYS have the rifle on hand and build a load for the rifle. You'll spend some kind...
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    Chambering goals

    Great post Chad. It must be nice to have that caliber of equipment at your disposal. I own/operate a small welding and machine shop, and do my own rifle work. I have all older manual machines, but they are tight, and in good shape. I'd love to run a machine of that caliber, but I'll have to...
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    Chambering goals

    Well to start with, I'm not a BR smith. I'm just a welder/machinist by trade. If you really want to learn about chambering a rifle do a search over on benchrest central. Those guys are very helpful, and there are several threads on chambering if you do a search. In fact one was posted a few...
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    Rem.700 Bolt Value?

    NO! I wouldn't take less than $100. I would probably start with $125 or $150. Good luck.
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    Chambering goals

    It depends on what exactly you are looking for. Benchrest smiths are alot more particular in what they accept than a smith who primarily barrel hunting rifles. There is no such thing as a "perfect" chambering job, but you have to strive to get as close to perfect as possible. I generally...

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