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    SOLD/EXPIRED Looking for a 7mm rum or 300 rum for sale or trade

    If you are still looking, I have a 7mm rum that was put together by a former sniper. I could track down the specifics if you are interested. This rifle is very accurate; however, I recently bought my son a .338 for for elk hunting, and as such this rifle is no longer truly needed.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Ruger 416 Alaskan

    I might be interested still, but I'm locked in with a successful bid on a 375 and I won't know I will be obligated on that for two days. I'll keep you posted
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Ruger 416 Alaskan

    Would you take $775.00 shipped? Its not a gun I would use often, but I guess you can always use another gun.