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    Must have gun feature

    I agree a locking bolt/ 3 position safety
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    Chainsaw Sharpener

    I have a buddy that uses this system he said it works good. I never did see him use it though. Every time he hires me to cut trees I do all the cutting. It seems 20+ years of me sharpening with a file jambed into a chunk of stick works pretty good. I have to agree there is just something about...
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    Scope height, cheek weld and eye relief

    I'll take a stab at this one.In my opinion eye relief has nothing to do with scope height/ cheek weld height. Eye relief is a trait of the scope, every scope has a different eye relief distance. That distance is horizontal not vertical.
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    Scope Levels- Why?

    Does this make sense?
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    Bartlein carbon fiber wrapped

    Ya my bad I did a little more internet searching and found a price but they are out of stock at Mack Brothers. I couldn't get the Straight Jacket Armory web site to open.
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    Bartlein carbon fiber wrapped

    I did a search on that Mack Brothers Evo titanium action looks pretty nice does anyone know when they will put a price on them and make them available?
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    Lots of People like to bash brands.

    I think someone should start a thread on why do people post on threads just to bash the validity or contents of the thread itself. Probably a bad idea,but would-be funny to see
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    Lots of People like to bash brands.

    @Dean2 The term road apple is not in my vocabulary, because if I am going to call someone a name I use much stronger to the point types of words. The ones I can't and won't call anyone on this forum. Why you ask? It is because I want to believe everything on here is friendly banter. So since...
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    Lots of People like to bash brands.

    @BigSky112 22 pages in and you post to rip on the thread? Why don't you save your comments for yourself and listen to your own advice? "If you don't like it, what is stopping you from just going on the next thread ?"
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    Bartlein carbon fiber wrapped

    @JJ454S Looks like that has the making of a sweet looking rifle can't wait to see some pics when its done.
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    Lots of People like to bash brands.

    Problem with that is I can't even take credit for 20 pages worth. Like I said before maybe 2 pages worth were on subject.
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    Nightforce lately?

    Awe don't say that you will get accused of all sorts of thing !!!! Ha Ha 😂
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    Lots of People like to bash brands.

    "So just why in the heck should any of us care what you want," You shouldn't care what I want! {I don't care what you want} "If you don't want the information provided without the members having to provide notarized documentation then please bogg off to somewhere you will be happier" You...
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    Bartlein carbon fiber wrapped

    What were the issues ?
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    Bartlein carbon fiber wrapped

    Where did you find the weight? I looked all over their website but couldn't find it.

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