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    SOLD/EXPIRED 22 Creedmoor AR

    That's pretty sweet. I'm not really in the market but curious what weight of bullet you shoot, and how it feeds. Thanks, glws.
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    375 winchester brass
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    Blemished vs. Regular Boxed Bullets?

    I have quite a bit of experience with blems, mostly Hornady that I bought when they sold them at the factory before covid. Mostly good, and the blem is actually listed on the boxes, ie appearance, setup, and won't shoot/group are common ones. Buying them from Midway isn't enough of a discount...
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    AR mods for accuracy

    Let us know what you're starting with, but the basics are a good barrel, square the upper, use a free float tube, and the less contact the gas tube has with anything the better. Meaning make sure it's centered up going thru the upper and into the gas key on the bcg. I prefer clamp on gas blocks.
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    300 WSM AR10

    Did you do the test with one round only in the mag, fire it and see if the bolt locks back? That is the first test, and will show if you have a low gas problem to fix, which is what it looks like to me.
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    WTB REMINGTON R25 or Dpms g2

    There's a couple on GB, pretty rare find right now. I have a couple in 243 and they're good rifles.
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    PIF 300 Savage Brass

    Good on you for your generosity! I wish I had a 300 Savage, one of the dumbest things I've passed up was a 99 for $350 a few years back.
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    300 WSM AR10

    This thread made me get out my 300 Saum and pound a few targets. What a sweet round in an AR, makes me grin every time. My 20" barrel sends the 168s at 2850 btw. Nice mild load.
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    300 WSM AR10

    Forgive the crudeness of the prototype, I intended to build another but I didn't really need more than one. Basically, it's a 556 mag laminated inside a 308 mag. Mod the 308 follower to fit, and use the 556 spring. Cut the 308 feed lips off. The small screw in the back is threaded into the tail...
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    300 WSM AR10

    These are fun rifles. I have the factory built DPMS 300 Saum. They did these with a 20" barrel and rifle length gas. Any longer and I'd definitely extend the gas system like Earnhardt said. I run a standard buffer but haven't tried any others. I think the KAK bolt is a hp type with smaller...
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    Coyote Caliber Dialing Long Distance

    My opinion, if you want to go from 0 to 1k with one caliber, one load, you are going to have either weak killing power on the far end, or too much on the close shots. There's really no getting around that. Decide what your priority is and then go from there. For me, I've had pretty good luck...
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    New friend from Nebraska

    I grew up in Atkinson, welcome! I tried to send you a message but I guess you're too new.
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    anyone hunt/call yotes using a E-bike to get around on?

    Now I need to rig one up with nightvision and a monitor for night hunting to keep the lights off. Maybe an extra muffler too. I will add that in the cab, utvs definitely seem louder than any truck, and one hunter I took out said it seemed too loud. Of course you're sitting a few inches from...
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    anyone hunt/call yotes using a E-bike to get around on?

    There's a guy on Predator Masters that uses the e-bike quite a bit in Kansas farm country and it does great for him. I would consider it if your terrain is flat enough. I'm not certain it would like our sand hills, I get into some pretty gnarly terrain at times. I have a couple of the original...
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    204 tuneup.

    Wow, great group! Congrats on the coyote.