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    Reloading information on a 26 nosler

    Retumbo i have had awesome luck with
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    Looking for a good bullet for 6.5x284

    I have had great luck with these also using retumbo powder.
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    Need advice on "painting" camo design on synthetic stock

    Ive paintes a few stock one i did webbing on the others did a stippled krylon ill take a photo of the webbing one tonight here are the other ones ive done.
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    Scope level changing point of impact

    I also put a bubble level on all my scopes for distance shooting if your not level shooting to 1000yrds your bullet impact shift drastically
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    Scope level changing point of impact

    Yes ive had this happen to me sporting goods store mounted i sighted it in noticed it wasnt level bought lapping kit and leveling kit and do it myself now.
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    6.5X284 rifle

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    6.5X284 rifle

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    New caliber selection

    Hornady makes factory brass for 280AI. I just bought one in a kimber shoots awesome
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    6.5-284 load development (changing powder)

    Yea im at 57grns retumbo and have no pressure signs and shooting 3050
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    rings and ring height help

    I run leupold PRW medium rings and put on all my 20moa rails. Then i put a shoulder shell holder for some cusion on there and to keep my range cards in it.
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    Need affordable scope recommendation I have this on 280 AI shoots awesome lifetime warrenty. Great clear glass.
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    Gun broker

    Lol yea its mostly the front end of the stock its like rounded and shorter. But noone makes for kimber that i can find besides boyds and idk what action the kimber hunter was based off of.
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    Gun broker

    I mean it a solid stock thats pillar bedded but i dont like the forend of it and hate the colo
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    Gun broker

    Well i ended up getting a kimber84 in .280 ackley improved now im trying to find an aftermarket stock that i guess noone makes.