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    For Sale Manners - McMillan - Mesa Precision Altitude Carbon Fiber Stocks 💥 ON SALE 💥

    Didn't get a stock today, but ordered a MT Tikka trigger guard and two trigger spring kits. Thank you!
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    For Sale 6.5 PRC once shot brass.

    I'll take the Nosler brass. Pm sent
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    SS Tikka take off barrel

    Thank you, but a 6.5 is all I need at the moment.
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    SS Tikka take off barrel

    I'm definitely interested. How much would you like shipped for the SS Lite?
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    SS Tikka take off barrel

    Looking for a lightly used, or new stainless Tikka take off barrel. T3X preferred, but 24 inch CTR would be considered as well. Thank you!
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    My personal Best!

    Congrats and good shooting!
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    My sons latest Kansas bruiser

    Congrats! That's awesome!
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    Id like to buy your 6.5 PRC brass. I'm new here so I hope this is a pm! Lol. Please let me know...

    Id like to buy your 6.5 PRC brass. I'm new here so I hope this is a pm! Lol. Please let me know where to send a postal MO. Thanks, Stewart
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    I'll buy these! New here, so I'll try to send you a pm.
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    Crossbow Shooters - What are you shooting?

    Excalibur mag 340, Excalibur Quills, 100 grain G5 Striker fixed three blade broad heads.
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    Burris Eliminator III

    Try a Sig BDX system. I've got two of them now, and they are on the money out to 600 yards. I'm heading out to my buddies farm next weekend to see how they do at 1k.
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    Should i put my swfa ss10 on?

    I love the 10x. I have one on my 280 Remington and have shot deer from 25 yards to 570!
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    Grandsons Gong Shooting

    Good job Grampa!
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    New guy from Virginia's Eastern Shore

    Looking forward to picking up, and sharing info on loading and shooting long! I'm pretty lucky to have access to quite a few big Agricultural fields for hunting and shooting. I'm currently working on a Tikka SL 6.5 PRC, and I'm going to have my 280 Rem barrel out of the lathe by Tuesday...
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    Tikka 243 to 25-06

    I might be biased, but the .243 with a 95 grain Nosler ballistic tip should do exactly what you need it to do.