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    Need to Buy a Nice Factory Rifle for a Fundraiser....Which one

    Winchester Featherweight or a name brand AR.
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    Parkwest Arms

    Welcome! Post up some of your rifles, thanks.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Ruger RPR 20” .308 NIB

    Mine shoots bugholes with 168 Hornady HPBT's. Good luck with the sale!
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    Sisk Rifles

    John is as good as it gets, I have bought from him before, smooth transaction! Friends also have bought rifles from him.
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    I waited a year on a 308 before cancelling my order.
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    most accurate .300 Win Mag?

    I would try HSM factory with 185 Berger's myself.
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    NULA rifle

    There's a Forbes 24B in 270 on 24hourcampfire, an early one.
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    6.5CM or .308 for Bull Elk

    Both will work, take the one you shoot the best.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sako 75 Hunter model 25-06

    Do you have rings?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Fierce CT Edge rifle

    Details on scope including price?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Winchester M70 (USA Made) Extreme wea

    Great deal here, ammo, rings and shipping worth $200! I had a 270 and 300 WSM (both BACO) and they shot great! I currently have a 7-08 BACO, doesn't get any better. GLWS!
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    20 gauge over/under

    I have a NIB Citori 525 in 20 ga. , 26" barrels. No longer made.
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    300 weatherby loads for elk

    I've killed about 10 elk and 10 mule deer with my Weatherby Mark V stainless fluted using 180 grain Nosler Partition Weatherby factory ammo. The rifle developed some accuracy issues and I'm having a 300 BEE being built by Alamo Precision Rifles. I have a bunch of factory 180 Partitions left to...