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    Reloading 6.5 x 06

    I agree with forming using .270 Win brass (unless you also have a 270). Using 30-06 brass is a little more work as the necks get a little thick. 25-06 cases form slightly short but are useable.
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    Make a modified case without a lathe??

    I would not FL size unless you are going to use this for multiple rifles. Use a case fired in this chamber for a custom fit. I neck size the and then expand to .001" over the diameter of the bullet, so the bullet slides in the case but isn't sloppy.
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    Question about Fire Forming 257 bobs into 257 AI

    Read this article
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    Question about Fire Forming 257 bobs into 257 AI

    If the smith didn't set the barrel back by a thread before chambering to the Ackley you don't get the crush fit that arch408 is talking about.
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    Question about Fire Forming 257 bobs into 257 AI

    I use the COW method to fire form my 257 Ackley and have yet to lose a case. If it is used 257 Roberts brass I anneal first. New brass I skip this step. Step 1, run brass through 257 AI sizing die. Step 2, prime with magnum large pistol primers. Step 3, charged with 14 grains of Bullseye pistol...
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    Verticle Spreading and load development help - where to go from here?

    Are you shooting off a lead sled? If so, try just bags front and rear. I've seen a lead sled cause this problem with a Browning A-Bolt in 300 Win Mag. Worked weeks on loads before removing the sled. Once removed groups tighten right up.
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    Any (7mm-08 / H414 [or 760] / 139SST) 1st hand experience?

    I wouldn't waste much time with H414, it has been discontinued.
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    How many rounds taken on a hunt?

    On a day hunt, I carry 10 rounds in my pack and whatever my rifle holds. The exception is when I carry my Ruger #1. Then I have one for my rifle, two in my coat pocket, and eight in my pack.
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    Who remembers the Herter's Catalog?

    We purchased a lot of different products from Herter's. Their duck decoys were excellent. I gave a dozen of them to the neighbor boys last year to start them off duck hunting.
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    Resizing brass with live primers

    I raise the decapping rod and pin, so that pin does not contact the primer. This way the expander is still in place and nothing is removed. I've never had a problem
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    Model 70 safety problem

    I had Timney install their trigger in my Post 64 model 70 (push feed). After receiving my rifle back, I tested the safety and it seemed to work ok. I took my rifle to the range, shot less than 20 rounds, brought it home, cleaned it and put it in the rack. That was two years ago. This spring I...
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    Sako rifle and a stuck case in the chamber

    Use a brass bore brush, push it through the neck and pull back. They usually pop out.
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    Give Away Contest - 2 Nikon Prostaff 4-12x40 Rifle Scopes

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