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    Need help leveling scope where reciever holes are off

    Why is no one suggesting that this be sent back? Has Remington QC gone down that much, where this is just accepted?
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    For Sale limbsaver grind to fit pads

    If you split them up I’d be interested in one
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    For Sale Want to trade 6.5 savage for 308 savage

    26” savage small shank varmint 6.5 creedmore. Super low round count. Less than 100. would like to trade for a heavy 308 barrel
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    Yes. I have another one. 22” shilen
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    Scalpers are out of control

    a**hole or truth teller?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Tikka T3 308

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    Scalpers are out of control

    Easy answer. When socialism benefits others, there is opposition. When it benefits you, there is support. That’s the theme here. a seller should subsidize (reduce cost) the value of the components so others can benefit.
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    Scalpers are out of control

    probably true. It’s pretty much the way the market works. Those who can do, those who can’t get the crumbs. Stock market, real estate, etc. pretty much all works the same.
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    Scalpers are out of control

    Another perfect example. Can’t have a civil debate? Just throw insults. Kind of like trump In the last debate.
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    Scalpers are out of control

    sounds like a trumper to me. If I can’t beat em, Just hurl insults. I just want to understand your comment. A national pandemic is a state issue? So if we are attacked in Hawaii, it’s just Hawaii’s issue to do deal with?

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