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    Hey, saw your post about a varmint rifle. I have a 6x47 Lapua I was trying to sell if you are...

    Hey, saw your post about a varmint rifle. I have a 6x47 Lapua I was trying to sell if you are interested. I’ve had it for several years just and only shot it 3-4 times. I just have no time to shoot unfortunately so cleaning out some of the safe...
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    Bullet comparator or COAL?

    Just curious how many people use a bullet comparator or do you just go off of COAL? I’ve just been doing COAL and usually @1/2MOA or less if I do my part with everything from Accubonds to Bergers. I’ve got a Hornady comparator that’s been just sitting there forever. Just wondering what...
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    30-06 Load Development

    My -06 loves 165gr Accubonds over H4350. Lapua brass and CCI primers. I’ve shot my best group ever with it out of 22” Brux barrel.... .189” 3 shot group @100 yards, my ave is under 1/2”
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    SOLD/EXPIRED F/S Semi-custom 6x47 Lapua

    The bolt had the fluting and knob done, that's all I did to it besides Whatever Jim did during the blueprinting The action had the full blueprint done to it. I'm not sure what else was done to it by Jim. Reading nothing but good reviews about his work on here and talking to other...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED F/S Semi-custom 6x47 Lapua

    Bump....someone save Jay from buying
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    SOLD/EXPIRED F/S Semi-custom 6x47 Lapua

    Back in 2012 I had this rifle built by Jim See when he still had Center Shot Rifles. This was going to be a long range varmint rifle. Unfortunately, several deployments, and 2 kids have taken over my time and I was never able to do anything with it. I'd rather someone have this rifle and...
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    Charity Rifle Raffle

    I just wanted to post this awesome rifle raffle that is being put together by a local shop that is owned and operated by (2) former Marines that had limb(s) blown off overseas. Total package value is @$14,000!!! EOD Warrior Foundation Fundraiser Featuring The Dude Rifle
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    7mm wsm Loads

    I have a 26" barrel and mine loves H4831SC with the 180gr Berger hybrids, CCI primer, winny brass. I'm overseas so can't tell you the exact amount but it was a little over what the book says and I had no pressure signs. I was consistently shooting 3/4" @ 200 yards. no chronograph so don't...
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    Tips on Flying

    Flying with guns is not bad at all. I just did it this past fall from NC to Montana. All I did was show up and declare it. You sign a little piece of paper saying it's unloaded (I take the bolt out completely so there's no question), throw that paper in the case, lock it back up, and off it...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Rbros 6.5-06ai

    How much does the rifle weigh? What's the length/contour of the barrel? How much without scope/rings?
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    Military discount on rifle scopes?

    I figured that, but it's still a good deal! Looks like I'll be getting some new binos this summer lol
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    Military discount on rifle scopes?

    35% off from Vortex? Several years ago I asked and they said 10% lol. I'm going to contact them, I hope it's true!!!
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    Military discount on rifle scopes?

    Check out liberty optics, they give great military discounts and they have several brands to choose from. I've bought a couple scopes from them and they have always had the best price.

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