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    For Sale Blue collar reloading has Hornady 6.5/.264 147gr ELD-M & 140gr ELD-M in stock.

    Check out scheels for the eldm's. Cheaper price and free shipping over $50. They got piles of my money this year, i really wish they would open some stores on the east coast.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Brownell's CCI #41 Military 5.56 primers

    Wow, i just picked up a box of these today for $70 at a LGS. I felt sick spending that much....
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Bushnell Forge 3-18x50

    Pm sent
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    Waiting on 2 here, 4/10 & 4/20 stamp cashed. I figured another month or 2 yet, so we'll see. Been through this many times, so I'm used to the crazy waiting game.
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    22 creed for target

    I run them at 3250 with a 1-8 twist, 22 inch barrel, no issues and they shoot great.
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    Suppressors and 26" barrels?

    I dont think i would want to hunt with a 26 barrel and suppressor attached, for target shooting no problem. Mine are anywhere from 16 to 22. Ideally 18 to 20 inches seems to be a good barrel length to run a suppressor on.
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    Bird dogs

    Couldn't tell you precise details but regular diamond is probably like a comparison between regular purina dog chow and purina proplan. The diamond naturals is highly rated over the regular diamond. We feed the chicken and rice year around and mix in extreme athlete during hunting season.
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    Bird dogs

    Diamond naturals from tractor supply is good stuff. My dogs had joint issues while feeding purina(cheap stuff), all went away when we switched to diamond naturals. There is also a difference between diamond and diamond naturals.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Tikka T3X Roughtech stock

    Pm sent on stock
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    Lowa mtn gtx evo

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    Hawkins LA Oberndorf Bottom Metal + Extras

    Ill take this!
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    Lowa mtn gtx evo

    TTT Anyone for 200 shipped?
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    Lowa mtn gtx evo

    Bought these about 2 years ago worn once outside the house probably 15 minutes, so they are essentially like new. Just didn't like the feel of them, size 11. Maybe slightly on the narrow side. 225 shipped.
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    wanting 280 AI peterson brass

    Ive been waiting for the Peterson to come in from Europtic, been on backorder for months now. Someone on here posted that they are making a batch this month, so maybe place a backorder through them? Cabelas also has nosler right now for $80, im tired of waiting so i just ordered a box of 50.
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    Barnes 30 Caliber 110 gr. & 168 gr. TTSX Bullets

    Scheels has the 168 in stock. I have a few boxes of 110's, i will need to check inventory when i get home to see about lot numbers.