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    460 S&W Magnum might have too much velocity. See Picture...

    Looks like the exit hole from 00 buck at 10ft.
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    Savage 110 high country

    Yes the 140 eld match shoots under an inch, so does the cheap winchester 125gr deer season xp. I have used the winchester to take 2 whitetail and a coyote so far.
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    Savage 110 high country

    I have the tactical in 6.5 creed, i love it. My only complaint is the magazine fit is a little sloppy other than good to go.
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    What is everyone favorite caliber for deer?

    My favorite all time is my 45-70 guide gun. The one that gave me the biggest smile is my Lyman great plains rifle with .54 cal patched round ball, it puts them down hard.
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    Cheap Truck Gun set ups

    For an optic i would check out the Nikon line, good glass and they hold zero well for under $200. Ruger American predator is an outstanding value for the money.
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    If I had to focus on one rifle...

    After pondering this i think i would be happy for the rest of my life with a 257 wetherbee. It will handle everything i hunt.
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    If I had to focus on one rifle...

    I have the 18' guide gun, great woods gun but I've come to the conclusion that nothing puts deer down like a 12 gauge slug. They almost never run, ever.
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    Shooting while pregnant?

    My wife did barn chores including milking, shoveling manure and everything right up till she went to labor. She did this seven times.
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    270 Win ?

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    What .30 cal to build on Proof Carbon Sendero 26” 1-9.4”

    300 Sherman is another one ro look at
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    What .30 cal to build on Proof Carbon Sendero 26” 1-9.4”

    338 edge. Hammer down! I know it's not 30 cal but it's one thats on my wish list.
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    Bigger is better theory or truth?

    Im just south of you, Chenango County.
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    Bigger is better theory or truth?

    I grew up in Clinton County, thats as far upstate as you can get.
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    Bigger is better theory or truth?

    When i was young all we used in our 30-06's and 308 was Remington core lock 180 gr round nose soft points. Those bullets killed everything we pointed them at with aplomb(whitetail, black bear, coyotes, feral they are not designed for long range but they sure work.
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    45/70 - the original long range caliber

    The rifling in my Marlin isnt fast enough to run them much over 100 yrds but they sure are fun to hit the steel gong with