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    Rear shooting rest for hunting

    Check out the Floyd Shooting Systems rear precision pod. It's lightweight and easy to carry in the field. I can shoot practically as well in the field with it and my Stoney Point pole cat front rest as I can from a bench with sandbags. I think I've seen them advertised on this site. We had...
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    Opinions- Front and rear support for hunting

    Check out the Floyd Shooting Systems Rear Precision Pod. It's a rear rest made to go along with whatever you already use in the front. It's light and easy to pack into the field, and it helps you shoot nearly as well as shooting off a bench.
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    Berger bullet tissue damage

    This picture is a whitetail doe shot at 250 yards with a 6.5 140 grain VLD Berger out of a 264x270 Weatherby with a muzzle velocity of 3,270. Obviously the shoulders were in bad shape when I cut them off, but I didn’t expect this. The bullet didn’t pass through, and I don’t want them to on a...
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    Bi pods or Shooting sticks

    Years ago I used a Harris bipod and then one Christmas my dad bought me a stoney point pole cat, and I never used the bipod again. Lately I've been using a rear rest by Floyd shooting systems along with the front sticks and it's almost like shooting from a bench in the field. This thing takes...
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    Jewell Trigger Failure...went to Trigger

    I've owned several rifles over the years with Jewel triggers, and have shot several more that belonged to other people that had Jewels installed. I always loved the way they feel and still do. The last few years a friend that builds rifles has started using Trigger Techs. I've shot a few of...
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    LR Bullets for 378 wtb

    I have shot some SMK 350 grain bullets through a factory Mark V Deluxe. Going from memory they shot @3/4" at 100 yards. Going to try them at longer ranges at some point. Of course the rounds are so long they have to be loaded one at a time.
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    Chronograph chronographed?

    I hit the face of my Pro Chronograph with a muzzleloader sabot after having already shot many shots through it that day. They replaced it for a fraction of the cost of a new one.
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    Berger Hunting VLDs: Heart/lung vs Shoulder

    I've killed a lot of does and a few bucks with the 6.5mm 140 VLD Berger at a muzzle velocity of 3260 (and 3050) over the last several years. I tend to shoot deer through the shoulders as that's how my dad taught me to shoot deer. This bullet at the speeds I'm shooting has a dramatic energy...
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    What is the Perfect Hunting Scope?

    Love the Niteforce scopes I've shot until low light. The X5 is far superior in low light. Both are very reliable dialing.
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    Vote. Favorite caliber for whitetail deer

    264 Weatherby 140 Berger VLD
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    Which Scope

    I replaced a Nightforce NXS with an X5. It's a much better scope in low light, and I haven't found anything I don't like about it. My favorite scope ever by far.