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    Action screws

    Hey yall, can anyone tell me the normal lenght of the front action screw on a remington 700 adl? I changed the barrel and stock on my sons rifle. The back screw and screw infront of the trigger work fine but the the front action screw doesn't even make it through the stock. It needs to be about...
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    Barrel cleaning and velocity changes?

    Like in another post I'm in the process of building a 280AI. New shaw barrel, so obviously ill have to do the break in process. So here's my question, can I start load development during the break in process? Or will the cleaning of the barrel change my velocities?
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    280 AI

    I just put a 26" shaw barrel on my sons rifle. It has a 1:8 twist. 280 ackley improved. What would be a good grain bullet to try with this barrel? For him the shots with stay under 300 I may stretch it out a little further. Also will only be used for Pennsylvania whitetails. Also what's a good...
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    Looking for good outfitter

    I'm looking for some recommendations for father son hunting trips. 2 fathers 2 sons. Could be whitetail, mule deer, antelope. Not real picky just wanting to have a good time and not break the bank We were quoted $13,500 for the four of us in Texas. Thanks in advance
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    Christensen arms question

    I haven't kept count but if I had to guess I would say around 100
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    Christensen arms question

    Yea I tried the 225 eldm' I got was 1"+ groups
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    Christensen arms question

    after doing some reading and watching some of the LRO YouTube videos I do have alot of work to do on load development. I'm not totally new to reloading but fairly new to reloading for long range accuracy. On another note about the speed. I thought the same thing with it being super fast for...
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    Christensen arms question

    I'm shooting a ziess con4 and ziess rings. I think my chronograph was messing up while I was shooting. It was only reading 29xx fps with that load but when I shot it at 300 yards (same day) to check my balistic solution the number of "clicks" on the scope was equivalent to 3200fps.
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    Christensen arms question

    Not sure what u mean by shooting set up. Honestly I havent messed with the seating depth for the 215s. The only thing I did was a ladder with h1000 from 76-80 gr. The recoil isn't really a problem. This is my first caliber other than a 300 rum for the past 20 years hahah I dont want to sound...
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    Christensen arms question

    I have a CA mesa long range chambered in 300 prc. Im shooting 215berger hybrids with 79.5gr of h1000. Well I havent went crazy with finding the best load yet. Anyways this load has been my best so far and the best was around 3/4" at 100. (I always feel it should be better) My gun is advertised...
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    Looking for advice on a 28 nosler build

    I definitely don't hate the prc. Its probably more of me not having a 7mm and they are very intriguing to me hahaha. I can always grab the rum if I want some crazy knock down
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    Looking for advice on a 28 nosler build

    Thanks guys, I guess my next question would be. I have a christensen arms mesa long range in 300 prc. Would it just be easier to rebarrel it? I just haven't been impressed with the 300 prc and I have read the 28 can be a real tac driver. I guess if I want a big 30 ill just go back to my RUM
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    Looking for advice on a 28 nosler build

    As stated in the title im looking to have a custom 28 nosler built. So I have an old rem 700 25-06 that I can use for an action. My question is would it be easier/cheaper to use it or just try to find a magnum action Thanks
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    300 prc starting point

    Ok guys, now that I found some berger 215 hybrids what would be a good starting load to try. Will be shooting out of a CA mesa long range so ill only be able to load them as long as the mag box. Off hand I can't remember what that lenght is. Thanks in advance Cj