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    Best laser range finder good to 1000 yards on game

    Thanks Broz. I have seen those Leica 1600's range our 1 mile plate on the first try on two different occasions. They're great units, for sure. Probably my next rangefinder, for sure. It's about 100 dollars less than the Swaro...
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    Best laser range finder good to 1000 yards on game

    thread resurrection... :) just to make the point... the Swarovski is still pretty much on top, near 8 years after it's supposed to have been changed up and such... You guys that bought this model back in 2005, do you still have it? Is it still working well? Dan
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    .308 win 185gr berger

    varget is still hard to beat in the .308 if you wanna drive it like you stole it... I'm at 43.1 grains with Sierra's 200 grain Matchkings, from a 26" barrel I'm getting 2590 fps... I've shot this load to 1200 yards on steel with fantastic consistency. Longest kill on a deer was only 500 yards...
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    savage 338 lapua

    and you'll shoot larger groups with the Remington... ;)
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    Help me figure out what Im overlooking

    If there's more force needed to seat some bullets, and other go easier... and you said the cases were fired different numbers of times... it's time to anneal the cases with the larger number of firings. Some of the brass is more work hardened than other pieces, and that's the reason for the...
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    calling out all Savage 110 BA owners

    Pictures are always good... :)
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    Help me figure out what Im overlooking

    maybe bullet tips of the longer bullets are touching inside the seater button... Pull a couple of the bullets which seemed to seat too deep, and measure their length compared to some bullets which seated properly...
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    Help me figure out what Im overlooking

    If you're shooting compressed loads and using minimal neck tension... that could do it... bullet pushed back out by powder compression.
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    Scope alignment with rifle

    The main thing is to keep the reticle's vertical cross-hair level with the ground... It's nice to have the scope aligned well with the rifle, but if the scope itself is canted a bit, you can still shoot accurately--provided that the reticle is held level while you're shooting... here's an...
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    Stevens 200

    That's a good price... grab it. :)
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    Millett scopes

    Most Millett's are made in China... maybe all of them these days... That said, they're not the worst cheap scopes out there. Most folks who buy them seem happy with them. But for what a Millett will cost you, why not check out the Bushnell 10X Elite, often found on sale at Midway for 200...
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    260 loads

    The guys who are shooting 260's--and winning--in our long range matches all seem to be using the same load... Remington brass. 142 grain Sierra Matchking 38.0 grains of Varget CCI BR-2 primer, or CCI 200 This load works extremely well... work up from 36 grains and see how it goes...
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    Barnes 175gr Match Burner .308 Win.

    You'll be working up to those charge, of course. It's likely that the accuracy nodes will be a bit higher on the powder scale than what I mentioned. The 45 grain Varget charge is Hodgdon's max... and it's a "healthy" max at that. There's another node around 43 grains (42.8 in Lapua...
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    Barnes 175gr Match Burner .308 Win.

    Moly coating is going to change things... the charge weights I mention are for plain copper jacketed bullets.
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    The Burris Eliminator 3 Rangefinding scope

    I teach the students in our LR school not to rely on electronics as a rule, since they're so prone to fail. Saturday we had a Leica, a Zeiss... and at least two higher end Bushnell rangefinders rated for 1600 yards. Not a single one would pick up the 1000 yard targets, simply because the sun...