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    SAKO TRG-42

    i wrote a check for $3100 for my 300 win mag trg42, that included the optional $175 large brake, $150 for sako rings, and a few cleaning items. when i saw it i just had to have it, when the salesman told me the price i just started writing the check. i've added two scopes, a swarovski 6x24 for...
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    wanted-nightforce 12-42 benchrest -but where

    i purchased new nxs 12x42 from swfa for $1316
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    Swarovski Binoculars?

    sr90, are you aware that swarovski states that their scopes must have the twist in type eye pieces in order to use the doubler? i'm interested in getting a 15x56 slc along with a doubler and almost made the mistake of ordering one with push in eye pieces which will not work, i'm not sure why...
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    Swarovski Binoculars?

    sr90, i too am interested in the 15x swarovski binoculars and wondered why you did not choose it? i spent some time this weekend comparing my swarovski ph 6-24x50 and the nightforce nxs 12-42x56 and then proceeded to check out the 15x swarovski binoculars. i'm not sure if i'm partial to...
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    Which power Nightforce scope?

    speedbump, have you tried the mirage tube from nightforce? i'm also interested in a 12-42x56 nightforce but have yet to decide on the standard with adjustable objective at $1,000 or the nxs version at $1300 but i definitely like the np1-rr reticle you have picked. [ 11-05-2002: Message...
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    prescription for reloading 300 win mag

    bountyhunter, thanks for your imput, i've noted it in my log
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    prescription for reloading 300 win mag

    moosehunter, thanks for the info. i'll try it as soon as i pick up a press.
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    prescription for reloading 300 win mag

    speedbump, thanks for the information, i appreciate all the help i can get
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold 6.5x20 Long Range Target - NEW!

    john, my ph 6-24x50 swarovski has an adjustable objective
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    prescription for reloading 300 win mag

    again i request help from you experienced longrangers whom have tried, tested, and succeded in finding the best choices of powders, primers, bullets, & brass for 300 win mag. i do realize that i will most likely need to tailor these to which fires best in my sako but i would like to take...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold 8.5-25x50 LRT w/30mm tube SOLD

    moredes, how would you compare the leupold & nightforce that you recently purchased? i'm trying to decide which one to buy. thanks
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    338 lupua, jim, no it was my assumption that yours was a trg-42, i'm unfarmiliar with sako and most longrange rifles. my interests have been in assault, although at one time i've had a couple od hk sr9tc & one psg-1 sniper rifles. my 1.5" groups where shot off the tailgate of a toyota...
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    kick-o-meter report on new trg42 in 300 win mag. took my new rifle with swarovski ph 6-24x50 out to range for break in for rifle and myself (a newbie). although enjoyable in the very nice 85 degree texas weather it was almost work to run so very many patches through the barrel in...
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    Sako TRGS and .338 Lapua

    trg stock, i just purchased the little trg42 in 300 win mag and was disappointed with the buttstock's spacer type adjustments. does anyone make a more user friendly adjustable stock somewhat like the psg1 fron hk? thanks in advance morgan in dallas
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    jim, will do, thanks,