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    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5-284 Norma LV 1000 Yd. Rifle FOR SALE

    Did Mike Palazzo build this rifle Dan?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Nikon laser range finder 800

    This unit will be two years old this deer season. ain't nothing wrong with it just plan on something a little larger in the near future.still have the case for it. 225.00 + shipping.
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    6.5 wsm loads

    Brent what twist do you have in in this barrel and what are your velocities
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    223wssm and243wssm

    Yes Brent let us know how the 6.5 wsm works. I would like to know how the ballistics are on it because I have 7mm mag sendero that has a few rounds through it and have thought about the 6.5 wsm for the next barrel. Does anybody here have any info on this round? What about it S1? what about the...
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    any more info on the 6.5 wsm S1

    Thanks STL_Shooter I will do that
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    223wssm and243wssm

    Jerry I am kinda like you when it comes to the 6mm and 6.5 mm bullet out of this fat little case, seams to me that they would really be good for a long range target or even a varmint gun at that or for anything under a thousand yards. I think that I will try one of the 243 wssm in the near...
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    I'm new. Looking for opinions...

    Re: I\'m new. Looking for opinions... Sabre The only thing that I will tell you is to make sure that you buy nice so you don't have to but twice. I know sounds corny but I have tried to save money before and usually comes back to get me in the wallet. I like leupold but that is not the only...
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    Bipods, (Harris or Versa-pod?)

    I like harris! again, very simple bi pod to use and looks good also. need to send it to Dura Coat in Columbus, GA there is a guy there by the name of Otto and he does a real good job and has many patterns and coatings to help it not be sticky.
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    any more info on the 6.5 wsm S1

    thinking of turnning my 7mm mag sendero in to one of these. what do you think
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    6.5 wsm loads

    here is what S1 worked up posted 05-10-2003 03:15 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Win. .270 brass Fed 210 primer 140 A-Max Lilja 1 in 9 25" 69 gr. Retumbo 3,140 fps. 72 gr. H50-BMG 3,060 fps
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    223wssm and243wssm

    they look like compacted 6ppcs to me and we all know how they shoot. In my mind I to think that they would be some really awsome bugers. I think that I may be intrested in the 243 wssm. that thing is slinging a 90 gr. bullet at 3250 feet per second. Now to me that is pretty impressive. I think...
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    223wssm and243wssm

    what do you guys think about these cartirdges? I was in the gun shop today and took a look at the 223wssm with the ballistics on a 55gr at 3850 and read about the 243wssm 55gr at 4060. No guns made yet, at least we don't have any down here yet just the cartridges.
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    Otto Great to have another on board and welcome.But beware of the bug. when it bites, it bites real hard at the seat of your pants where your wallet is.
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    Best Platform for Switch Barrel Gun ...(same parent case, different caliber)?

    Texas I am building my switch barrel gun in 300 Gonzo and 300 wade express Using the 338 Lapua case. it is built off the Jerry Stiller python action, jewell trigger shahane tracker thumb hole stock with a 32" kregier barrel and a 34" Lijia barrel. putting a brake on 300 Gonzo from the gun smith...
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    monkey pox

    what do you guys thing about this? heard on the news that prarie dogs are carring this disease several people have it. I think, what next????