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    300 weatherby

    1 in 10 twist, 26''. 185 Berger VLD Hunting 77.0 gr. H 4831 Federal mag primer Wby brass 3.575 OAL Don't know velocity. Is not hot in my gun. Unbelievable accuracy. Pure poison on hogs and deer.
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    Home Defense ARs?

    An out of the box M16 worked very well for me in 1967 and 1968. You don't want anything to do with "full auto".
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    Hart barrels?

    I have used Hart barrels, and only Hart, for forty years. Never disappointed!
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    .22 Bolt Gun Precision Trainer

    You will have to move out to one hundred yards to test ammo with a CZ.
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    300 Weatherby question

    It (H4831) may not be available now. I bought eight pounds when I worked up a load for the new barrel on my 300. I have been using it in the 300 WBY for 50 years. No substitute for horsepower!
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    300 Weatherby question

    If you can afford to shoot the throat out of a 300 the cost of a barrel should not bother you :).
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    300 Weatherby question

    Don't quit until you try H4831.
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    how to make them come out at day ?

    Look for "Hog Zombies" on Facebook. Also on YouTube. Guys name is Glenn Guess. Calls them in day and night.
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    Muzzlebrake on muzzleloader?

    My experience with conventional muzzle loaders is that I lost velocity after a certain amount of (conventional) powder. Might want to chronograph yours to see if huge powder charges are really productive.
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    300 Wby Mag

    I had my first 300 WBY built for sheep hunting (Alaska) in the early 70's. My guide told me to bring a belted 30 caliber. He was right! I have rarely hunted with anything smaller since then. I encourage you to consider reloading (although I have very limited knowledge of factory offerings and...
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    The brighness on mine is adjustable but it is a Nightforce.
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    VISA Bill Arrived - Mule Deer CO Tag - Wife WHATTT??

    No wife. No worries. Too many rifles. Sleep like bunny in a burrow.
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    I get twice as many kills on hogs because I have it than any of the other hunters on my lease.
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    Hart barrels?

    Remington chose Hart for their first 40X rifles. I still have one.
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    Caffeine versus Accuracy?

    Try alcohol if you want to really screw up a day at the range, especially skeet.

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