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    Disappointed with the Berger 156 grain EOL

    I didn’t read all the reply’s so somebody probably already covered what I’m going to say. No experience with 156’s. But 130 vld’s out of a 260AI going 2800fps are exceptional on med sized game, I’ve had a pass through at 300 yds and dropped 300lb boar hog in his tracks, others dumped all energy...
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    Preferred bullet weight for 6.5 CM

    125 partition, 129 LRAB, 130, vld, 130 gamechangers, 135 berger classic
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    New rifle caliber

    I'm a 300wsm guy, but I would choose a fast twist 270wsm if I was starting over today, but I wont argue with the 300wm.
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    maybe 3' 11", definitely in the ball park, we'll just call it 4 feet, since there were no other witnesses!!😁
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    Found this out when i was young, snuck up and pet one, he arched his back, and sprung straight up about four feet, scared the crap out of me!
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    Trying to decide on caliber

    The difference between an increase of .020 as compared to .044 is substantial. I don't think the difference between the 6.5PRC and the 7mm's mentioned is significant enough, your already almost there. Create a broader spectrum. 300WSM.
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    Mark V 300 WBY

    What he said, absolutely, positively, yes, yes, and yes!!
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    Non-resident license fees.

    If you want to know where this is headed, go back and watch "Robin Hood".
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    Non-resident license fees.

    and thats the problem! If non-rez want to hunt private or state lands then i can understand the fees, but on federal lands the cost should be different. The states still profit from out of state hunters either way.
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    Non-resident license fees.

    Then the pumpkin patch wouldn't change, just the residency of the pumpkins!
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    Help me decide: Minimum caliber for larger NA game

    I know we all run these calculations all the time, it shows 100fps is not equal to 10 grains(10:1), relative to energy output, but close. What "I" think it shows is that velocity and mass are relatively if not absolutely equal in their relations to energy output at the barrel. Pick your poison...
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    Help me decide: Minimum caliber for larger NA game

    3000(fps) x 3000(fps) x 150(gr) = 1,350,000,000(before conversion) or roughly 2,997 ft. lbs. 2900(fps) x 2900(fps) x 160(gr) = 1,345,600,000(before conversion) or roughly 2,988 ft. lbs. Based on this overly simple example I don't think there is much difference (neither being more important...