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    Dems propose 50% tax on ammunition

    Not sure if I agree with that. A civil war would be Americans fighting against Americans, but those who do not uphold the constitution are not American, no matter where they were born.
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    criterion REM-AGE and other Q's

    one more question (for now) what is a good barrel length for .243 win?
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    criterion REM-AGE and other Q's

    hi everybody, I'm about to start my first build and I have a few questions 1. My 20 year old 700 barrel is just about on its last legs, group sizes have been increasing steadily for the past few years and it is unacceptable now. there are no smiths around here and I don't really like sending...
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    Do You Shoot Archery Competition?

    yep, its not a cheap sport. I have about $2500 into my rig and shoot 3hrs/7days a week over the summer. Hard work pays off though. Last year I tied a national record in practice and averaged 3 pts higher than one of the members of last years Olympic silver medal winning team. Unfortunately last...
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    scope recommendations

    Hi, New user here. I have recently been taking interest in stretching out the range of my muzzleloader and need a new scope. I have found that drop compensating reticles are only accurate with max loads, and since I dont shoot max loads I would prefer an external elevation turret. I prefer 3-9...