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    6.5mm or 300 wsm

    Hey guys, new to the forum. I posted a week or so on a different forum, and got lots of feed back. I want to have a rifle built and I am completely undecided what I want to do. I am an avid deer hunter and this gun will be used for this as well as target. I know both the 6.5mm x55 swede or...
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    Decisions and What to Do!

    Thank you for the input guys. Now another question, i really like what all I have read so far on the 6.5mm-55 swede, im finding a lot of the forums refer to going with the 6.5mm-284,. However i do not reload,, at this time, and never have,, but it seems thts the way to go to get even more...
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    Decisions and What to Do!

    Yes, I am an avid white tail hunter. I have several model 70, with my favorite being a Model 70 Laredo LRH 7mm mag. It has the heavy bull barrel with teh Boss. The last year Winnchest made the rifle. Im in the great state of georgia, so the terrain i usually hunt presents shots of 250 yds or...
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    Decisions and What to Do!

    Happy New Everyone! Let me start out by saying this is my first time on this site and I am definately likeing what im reading. I have decided to let a local gunsmith (extremely talented) build me a rifle. I primarily hunt but I ama definately facinated by long range targeting. In talking to...