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    beginner turkey hunter questions

    Im in Ont Canada, so some things will be different regulation wise, however, the basics are the same Youre starting dont get caught up in the marketing, you can blow through a ton of cash before u settle in The basics 1: Full choke or tighter, if you have screw in chokes, a decent...
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    Why is there not much talk about Weatherby Rifles?

    My goto deer rifle was an original Vanguard in '06 for 35+ years... now my nephew uses it and I have a new V2 in 6.5 Swede Never had a service problem here in Southern Ontario, old V1 had to go to Elwood Epps for a bolt recall a few years back.. parts took awhile to get here, but that was a...
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    Is my Bergara Bergarbage?

    Attached photo of my Wby V2 group in 6.5 Swede, 5 shots @ 100yds I have read all 7 pages and you have a ton of really good info to sort through... here is my .02c for what its worth Your primary issue seems to be speed variance.. you have ruled out a bad chronograph.. excellent. Next, you...