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    0-300yrds hunthing

    Amen. There's a big difference between taking one shot hunting or multiples at the range. The adrenalin rush of a kill shot takes one's mind off of the recoil IMO.
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    Glasses or no glasses with scopes

    When I had my cataracts removed I had them put in ocular implants with transition lenses about five years ago. Annual eye exam this past Monday I read the small bottom lines with each eye. Modern technology's a marvel.
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    Glasses or no glasses with scopes

    "Why they put numbers on the side focus when we all see differently I don't know." General adjustment for a quick final focus. A SWAG ;-)
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    Brass catcher

    I like the Caldwell also. I've put the attachment item on all of my ARs for the range & I have a dump bag to empty the net into as necessary. I prefer to police my brass in the field.
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    Recommendations for first AR-15

    I believe the U.S. supplied DPMS to the Afghans and the Iraqis. That speaks to the reliability of their product & the frugality of the State Dept. ;-) There are only about five mfgs of the uppers & lowers, they stamp them with the contractors logos and numbering conventions. I bought a Daniel...
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    Why the 7mm Rem Mag?

    Further proof of the adage "The heart wants what the heart wants."
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    Let’s see those Smokeless builds!!

    I have a .50 cal. Lyman Great Plains, I use lead balls, 80 grains of black powder & Iron sights. A wonderful deer rifle for Ohio or anywhere else where the hunts are 100 yards or less. Stock photo, mine's identical.
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    Good Pistol Smith’s

    "I would put in new factory or Wolff recoil springs, maybe hammer/striker spring as well." My first thought.
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    This idea

    In my experience: the only drop-in parts are generally OEM for the equipment. Very few firearm after market 'improvements' are drop-in. I have the hair loss to prove it.
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    Got my squirrel rifle tuned up and ready.

    Sweet. I have a tricked out Marlin 795. Pic rail added with a Simmons AO scope and the trigger worked on. I've modified it to emulate the Appleseed version that Marlin made for their events. Also have on hand a case of the Appleseed targets. How times change: 69 years ago, in California, my...
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    Favorite deer rifle

    I can remember back in the day when Winchester or Marlin levers with 30-30 silver tip was the de rigeur outfit for deer in California. An excellent brush combination. Scope, what's a scope?
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    The Savage 110 FCP HS in 338LM

    I suggest that you check the torque specs on the action screws.
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    Fake Nightforce??????

    Not if it's an armed robbery!
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    Which brand of 300 win mag

    Check out the new Savage Impulse Big Game,; Hog Hunter & Predator models in .300 Win Mag. They're all 'Straight-pull' rifles, the Predator having a one piece bottom metal & 10 rd AICS mag. Will accept a 5 rd;, the others box mags. Full review in the Aug. edition of American Rifleman (pg.40) ...
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    My one-on-one long-range tutorial

    Great video, thank you. Your instructional technique is professional, demonstrating strong communication skills and patience.