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    Woodleigh Bullets

    Use the .287 dia(275 h&h magnum) 160gr bullet in my 1901 7x57mauser(barrel slugged at .288). Have shot 2 deer, farthest at about 70yds. Exit wounds in both and both dropped in their tracks. Was using 35.5 gr of imr4320, estimate about 2400 fps velocity.
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    New, from Michigan

    Hi, maybe I’ll run into you sometime.
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    New, from Michigan

    East side, Oakland couty
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    New, from Michigan

    Just joined. When it comes to long range hunting, I’ve never taken a long shot at anything. Been playing with a 264WM my late FIL gave my son, it’s fun. It’s in the shop getting bedded and looked at. I did just order a Savage long range hunter in 280AI. Guess my goal is: if I ever get a...
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    280 AI Savage Long Range hunter

    Just ordered my Savage LRG in 280AI today. Hope it shoots nice when I get it