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    For Sale Stone Glacier De Havilland jacket, XL

    Stone Glacier De Havilland jacket, XL. Coyote color. Worn a couple of times, just doesn't fit me as well as some others I have. Excellent condition. Non-smoking home. 175 including the ride
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    For Sale Deep South Tactical 300 WM

    Thought this was sold (x2!) but apparently not. Last bump before it goes into the safe until we get towards hunting season
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    For Sale Leupold Mark V, 3.6-18x44, MOA

    still available
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    For Sale Deep South Tactical 300 WM

    Still available
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    For Sale 6.5 brass for sale

    Second in line for the PRC if the deal falls through
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    Want To Buy Berger hybrid target bullets

    How many 140's are you looking for?
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    For Sale WTT NX8 4-32 FFF MOAR for ATACR

    I have an AMG MOA if you are interested in a trade
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    For Sale Impact 787LA 26” Bartlein CF in 300 PRC

    Went into Scheels the other day. They had several (10 or more) boxes of the 212 ELDX on the shelf. You never know what will be available, or when.
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    For Sale Deep South Tactical 300 WM

    Dont resist....just give in...its fate. :)
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    For Sale Deep South Tactical 300 WM

    Up. Some/all of the components can be included depending on what you are looking for.
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    For Sale Meopta Optika 6

    Thought this was sold but have not heard back from the buyer
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    For Sale Vortex HD AMG, MOA

    Looks like it is still available
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    For Sale Deep South Tactical 300 WM

    Several folks have asked what brass/dies/ammo were available. Here's a list: 1. 71 pieces once fired Norma brass. $53 2. RCBS FL dies. $35 3. 50 rounds loaded, almost all Norma brass. Loaded with Berger 190 VLD hunting. $67 4. 268 Berger 190 VLD hunting. $170 5. 100 Berger 185 VLD...