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    I think we need a shout box....

    I don't, in fact i have turned off that bit on almost every forum i visit that has one it takes up too much space, makes the pages load slower etc. this forum already loads too slow for me
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    Shakes :/

    i would seek a second opinion if i were you not to be an alarmist but doctors have been known to make a mistake or two
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    Bringing Rifles In

    Well to answere my own question, yes he is still there, however there is now an "On Line" form that can be filled out to make things easier. You can find it here "" " Just in case anyone is going there and does not get any...
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    I have a set of NIB Redding competition dies with NK Item description here: Competition Bushing 3-Die Neck Sizer Set 280 Remington Ackley Improved 40-Degree Shoulder I'll sell them for $250.00 amd I'll pay the shipping send me a pm if interested
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    Bringing Rifles In

    Headed back to New Zealand In March for Reds and was curious if Mike Cole was still the man to talk to about getting my rifles in. ThanX in advance for the help
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb oehler 43 chronograph

    pm sent
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    Hornady 7MM 162 Grain A-Max

    here is an 8x8 elk shot with a 162A-Max out of a 280 Rem. 1 shot and DRT
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    3" group 200 yards, GAP .300 WSM, Berger VLD not cutting it? Need advice pls

    In my sons GAP with 10.25twist it loves the 168 A-Max, 175LRX, and even the 210SMK's
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    best press for 338AX and other large calibers

    +1 He only makes a few a year but they are hard to beat
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    Primer Pocket Resizing and Runout?

    throw the brass (that wont chamber) away, everyone has culls
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    Liink to Ladder/Audette Method of Load Development

    the original. post is 9 years old i do not know if google cached goes back that far
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    ABS barrels... is there someone sub contracting for them

    Here is your contact Mike Proof Reaserch 406 756-9290 24 Jellison Lane Ste A Colombia Falls, MT 59912 hope that helps
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    ABS barrels... is there someone sub contracting for them

    ABS is now "Proof Reaserch" When I get back to the house I'll edit with the phone and addy
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    210 Berger VLD vs 208 A-Max in 300 RUM

    nothing 'thick skinned' about an elk
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    210 Berger VLD vs 208 A-Max in 300 RUM

    The A-Max will surely kill it. Quickly, also