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    I guess dirt is valuable

    Long Range Hunting is very hard. I suggest you try Free Range Hunting the chickens never see it coming :)
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    Anyone else get this lucky before?

    I bought a new scope and rings to mount to my Savage 93 in 22wmr and without touching the turrets I was perfectly zeroed with the ammo I was using at 50yds. When I say perfectly zeroed I mean perfect I still have not taken the turret caps off that scope. Has this happened to anyone else?
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    Toughest Long Range Hunting Optic?

    I agree with the SWFA fixed 10x42 if you want to have a long range capable scope that will survive anything short of actually smashing it with a hammer look no further. Its $350 price also makes it the best budget oriented long range capable scope on the market. They have excellent glass...
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    vortex viper HST low light?

    I had a Viper HST 4-16x44 and between 4-10 power the scope was perfectly usable in low light conditions. Above 10x the scope has a critical eye box and even in good light I found the scopes light gathering wanting. I also found that the wire reticle would wash out when shooting at dark/low...
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    Carbon rings in 6.5mm creedmoor.

    Automatic Transmission Fluid is a powerful detergent that is not harmful to most things even plastics, its excellent for cleaning basically anything that has tough burned on grease or fouling like valve covers or carbon fouling in guns. Just let it sit and it softens and lifts stains and grease...
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    What rifle combo to choose

    I completely agree about the .308 there is no reason to limit yourself to a cartridge built by a committee based on outdated notions. The .243 or the Creedmores are much better options. You also touched on the point I actively tried to avoid because of the path it led me down which was away...
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    What rifle combo to choose

    Welcome to the incredibly difficult and frustrating world of long range shooting!!! I went through the same process you are doing right now and made about every mistake possible so hopefully you can learn from my mistakes. If you want quick advice here it is. Buy a Savage/Ruger...
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    Do you use a scope level to keep your rifle level?

    I think having a level is crucial for all types of shooting, even at relatively short range if you are shooting groups removing all variables is key, so if you have a variable cant ranging from 0-5 degrees you will have a variable horizontal shift on top of any wind. At 100yds in a full...
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    Recoil values of different stocks

    Like alot of you I would love to see a comparison that involves alot more stocks than what was shown I agree that alot of the cheaper and earlier polymer stocks that just use a durable but not Fiber Reinforced polymer are terrible, they are light, but they are not rigid enough. The polymer...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtt 6.5 complete Grendel upper for 20+ scope

    Wow this is exactly what I have been looking for (minus the non threaded barrel) Are you willing to sell it outright, not trade?
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    Help a lost Black Rifle newbie build an AR

    Perfect! thats what I was hoping to accomplish. Good luck with your build
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    MOA challenge

    Thanks thats good advice, I didnt realize thats what I was doing until after the last time I shot, I thought to myself "man my hand has really hurt after shooting the last two times" thats when I realized I was trying to kung Fu grip of death my pistol grip, and really bearing down on the...
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    Eastern Washington long range elk?

    I am fairly familiar with Eastern Washington. I go to Wenatchee multiple times a year, and my Brother in laws Brother is a Fish and game warden. Every year when I go over to visit with the In laws I go out on an ATV with a spotting scope with reticle to help count and try to measure Elk...
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    MOA challenge

    Damnit! you guys ruined my fundamentals! Ive gone shooting twice trying to get this, and I have great 3rd groups, but progressively get tighter and tighter behind the gun as I shoot trying to force the gun to stay put!! Of course this does not work, thats why I have real close 3 shot holes...