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    Mountain Lion Attack stopped in the deer woods...close call!

    A truly remarkable event. She will remember this for the rest of her life.She handled the situation perfectly and in very professional manner.
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    Done with 215 Bergers

    I guess wait to you see the whites of their eyes then shoot probably was not bad advice. Takes some patience
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    Small Base Die - Worth the Money?

    If you need more horsepower could always get a 300 Weatherby or 300 RUM and Redding dies. worked for me for 30 years. I have never used a small base die and I shoot 308 AR 10 using a Redding die with out any problems
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    Top 5 hunting rifles at/under $1K

    I am a Sendero fan. A little heavy but accurate. but that is what slings are fro
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    Let's share some of our Favorite Dog Stories:

    I had to pull Lucy from the pond when the ice gave way. I had to crawl on the ice to her and grab her collar and pull her out. She tried to shake herself dry and turned into a popsicle. Fortunately we were close to the house and she warmed up and dried out. Did not slow her down. She wanted...
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    300 wby update

    Weatherbys like their freebore. Bullets have to jump the canyon before they go their merry way. I really like my accumark. I burned out my first 300 Weatherby. Sure was fun.
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    No more Wood?

    That is the down side of wood. They get beat up with heavy use. My first Weatherby 300 Mark V was a good looking rifle but after 30 years of use it looked as bad as me. good wood is nice
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    No more Wood?

    I had my 300 Accumark bedded by my gunsmith. Great improvement in accuracy. He beds stocks with the metal chassis all the time. Worth the money. shoots like a dream now.
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    Introducing the Absolute Hammer

    Show off. better than my 100 yard groups. 1\2 minute of fly
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    did I anneal too long or what else is going on?

    That is also what I was thinking.
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    Best magnification for a scope

    I like the 3.5 to 10. but I do not shoot 1000 yards
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    H1000 or Reloader 33

    Boy I was lucky to get my H1000 two months ago. can not find it now
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    Thanks. My supply of retumbo is low so I also got some Ramshot LRT. so far I only heard good things about LRT.
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    Ole 270 comes back to life!

    1 minute of small fly
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    Precision Micrometer die sets - your recommendations

    Yep must measure off the ogive. The most accurate