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    WTB Barnes TTSX 250 Gr. .375

    Will do. Best of luck with you
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    WTB Barnes TTSX 250 Gr. .375

    Got some: Speer grand slam...265gr Sierra...250 gr Nosler fail safe moly 300 Nosler partition ..300 Tried Speer...Noslers didn’t shoot well....decided and used Swift A frames in 300 ge....GREAT KNOCKDOWN on large roan antelope.
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    Trial packs

    I’ve got these: Hornady 110 grain V-Max Hornady 140 grain SST (poly tip) Hornady 140 grain Interbond (lead tip) Speer 130 grain Grandslam Speer150 grain Fusion PM with you email/contact number if any may interest you.
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    Looking for 10/22 barrel

    Beyer’s Barrels in WA.Clint makes a bunch....
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Picatinny iPhone/smartphone mounts

    I’ll take them. Please send payment info
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    Retirement Brass Sale

    I’ll take the remaining .224 Valkyrie. USPS MO ok?? Your info?
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    .375 bullets 300 grainers

    I’ll take them....PM follows
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    Brass & Projectiles

    Josh, Thanks, got the projectiles today...keep me in mind for the big stuff.
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    Brass & Projectiles

    You have a PM for the .416 “stuff”
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    Bullets for Sale.

    I’ll take the 3 boxes “blue” .308 165 gr PSP @ $15.00 each. Payment info ?
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    .270 Win Brass, Barnes TTSX Bullets, Dies, 6.5 Tipped Match Kings

    I’ll TAKE the 260 Barnes 130 hr TTSX at $50.00
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    Leupold VX-III 6.5x20x40

    I’ll take it...per our correspondence
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    Retired law enforcement, US Army, Court Sececurity Officer

    Retired law enforcement, US Army, Court Sececurity Officer
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    Ok thanks for considering

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