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    Field shooting in hot, dry weather

    I've seen powder burning in the grass as well, believe that specific time was H1000 out of a 300 RUM. Happened on more than one shot- buddy would shoot and smoke would be coming up from the grass a couple feet ahead of the muzzle.
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    Talk about a “close call”!!! 😳😳😳

    If it had NOT been raining hard and they had been "up to speed", I have to imagine this would have been a much different call.
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    Good day for long range shooting!

    My brother in law and his friend came up to shoot today. Buddy had never shot past 800, so we put a plate up at 1025. Conditions were perfect... His first shot was about 2 minutes high with his new rifle (25-06) that they'd been working loads up for. He connected on shot 6, I think. He also...
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    Vortex 3-15 Razor LHT review

    Thanks for taking the time to report on this, Alex. I've looked really hard at this scope in the past. It seems pretty feature heavy for a light scope. Glad to hear it performs as well!
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    For Sale Triggertech primary independence day edition ($129.99)

    I haven't used a lot of Remington aftermarket triggers, but I honestly think you'd be hard pressed to beat a Triggertech, they're simply awesome. And at this price, definitely unbeatable. Just wish they had made them flat shoe!
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    What equipment is needed for putting a savage nut type barrel on my tikka?

    Action wrench, barrel nut wrench. Barrel nut, your new barrel and headspace gauges. You may need a barrel vice to get your old barrel off if it's still good
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    Prayers are Needed Please

    There are many sorrows in this broken creation... Will be praying ✝️
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    Slugs - which one is the most accurate and best penetration from a smooth bore?

    In my short, smooth barreled 870 I tried a variety of loads years back. Remington Slugger 3" rifled slugs were the clear winner for me. The 2 3/4 grouped ok, just about 1.5 feet low and right at 75 yards. The 3" hammered them right in. Easy to make free hand hits on a paper plate at 75...
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    What age were your kids when they shot there first big game animal.

    My oldest is 5, and I've been excited for him to hunt with me (for about 5 years, now. LOL). However, what you said about taking a life is the biggest issue in my mind, more so than him being capable of pulling a trigger. I remember my first deer at 12. Flood of emotions... adrenaline...
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    zermatt SR3

    I haven't handled the SR3, but I have a TL3 with a proof prefit and I absolutely love it
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    REQUEST--pls include your state symbol in your thread header for primers or powder...

    That is a fair point, actually 😊 I guess I just don't like seeing a powder I'm looking for, and then being disappointed finding out its 1,500 miles away. Ultimately, it will be nice when powder is available again, online and locally in stores. I'm an American, and I don't like things not...