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    What’s your favorite caliber for deer?

    In close/ over dog 7.62x39 Normal hunting 308 Long range 270 I usually reach for the 308 though
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    Match bullets for long range big game hunting

    Hey mate where I’m from it’s split 50/50 for those that are using match/hunting bullets. those that are using match bullets are nearly always going heavy for caliber in order to ensure penetration. I’m personally using 195 TMKs in my 308. I’ve now shot 10 animals with them. In all honesty I...
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    weight of your pack rifle?

    Remington Long Action, 27in Bartlein barrel in 270win. McMillian Carbon Fibre stock. Topped with a VX6 3-18 in Talley rings. Weighs a tad over 9lb (4.17kg) done quite a few 2000ft climbs with this an find its a good weight to shoot comfortably once I’m on the top.
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    What Is Your Age?

    29 so I must be a young buck around these ways 😂
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    Hi from NZ

    good to hear you enjoyed your time here to me it sure feels like paradise. Make sure before you come back you jump on the NZ forums, can guarantee you will get taken out for a hunt
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    Favorite hog gun

    My main hog gun was a SKS running 150gr subs, but that was hunting over dogs (bailers) and the majority of pigs I was hitting are under 150lb Nowadays I’m just hitting em with a 308 tikka with no dogs with a more spot and stalk approach
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    Hi from NZ

    Hey everyone great to finally sign up and give back to this awesome forum. Been lurking in the shadows for the past few years soaking in the info. A bit about myself been hunting for all my adult life, mostly deer hunting (red,fallow,sika and sambar). In the last 4 years really started to get...

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