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    357 magnum loads

    158gr JSP or JHP of your choice. SPM primer. H110. Min and max are about 1-2gr apart usually in load data. Heavy crimp. These are very accurate and they let out a fireball. I've also had good luck with Power Pistol and 140gr Leverevolution. But they aren't cheap plinkers.
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    38 special loads

    W231 or Bullseye works great. I use W231. I have experimented with different charges and usually come up somewhere between min and max. Hornady makes a big box of HBWC 148gr bullets that are cheap and extremely accurate. The WC design cuts a nice hole in paper. Seat the bullet flush to the case...
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    Rl 17

    Hornady prints load data for the A-MAX 6.5 Creedmoor on the side of the box. I think it is H4831 for the 140gr A-Max.
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    6.5 creedmoor load data-powder selection

    I'm trying R17 with 129gr Interbonds. The factory loads are 2950fps rated, and I got 2913 or so through the Chrony with Ruger 24in Hawkeye. Nosler data has R17 data. I would suggest a ball or short cut powder to stuff in the small case. I noticed the factory Interbond loads had a...
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    Rl 17

    I have some R17 for 6.5 Creedmoor. It's like IMR4350. In fact, Alliant said to use 4350 data when there is no R17 data. For 22-250, I have only used Varget, so I would recommend R-15 over R-17. For 30-06, R-17 should be great since 30-06 is happy with R-15 through R19.
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    What are some great loads for 270 win?

    I've used R22 and 130gr bullets of various manufacturer in variety rifles with different brass. I prefer any mag primer with no crimp. I load them out to mag length. I prefer Winchester brass, then Remington, then Fed and Hornady. I don't shoot mixed brass in a set, because of the various...
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    7 mm dies and brass??

    I prefer Winchester over Rem, Hornady or Fed. Haven't tried Nosler in 7mm. But Nosler in .223, and 22.-250 is fantastic.
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    7 mm dies and brass??

    You can get different seater stems for any die manufacturer.
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    7mm Rem. Mag. vs. 7mm Weatherby

    1:9.5 vs 1:10 is not much of a difference for common 7mm loads. 7mm-08 uses 1:10. Slightly more velocity overcomes slightly less twist. My Shilen replacement barrel for 7mm Rem Mag is 1:9.
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    Creedmoor, hornady recipes

    Thanks, that gets me a lot closer. The factory loads are 30$/box online and 43$/box at Academy. The nice Redding dies were 331$ and had to special order. OUCH!
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    Creedmoor, hornady recipes

    I shot the factory 129gr Interbond Hornady Superformance through the chrony and came out at 2943 fps. Factory rating is 2950fps. But there is no load data on side. Anyone pull one of these bullets and see what load they are using? yea, yea, I'm reviving an old post.
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    Parker Hale 1200 7mm Mag rebarreled

    I finally got the 7mm mag reworked. I had the gunsmith install a 1:9tw 26in Shilen Chromoly barrel on the Parker Hale action. They also parkerized the steel and spray painted the aluminum to match. Factory trigger is a Timney. I replaced the Burris rings and Leupold mount with Talley split...
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    .223 varmint bullet, 1-9 twist, will it fail?

    Avoid a Sierra Blitz, those are for 22 Hornet and other low velocity 22's. Sierra Blitz King, Hornady V-Max, and Nosler Varmint Ballistic Tip all shoot great in my .223 1-9tw AR. They put a pretty good divot in cheap steel targets at 100 yards.
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    257 weatherby mag

    The latest Handloader's Journal has a great article on 257 Weatherby. They were using the Remington 700 in 257 Weatherby. Part of the accuracy problem with Weatherby's, even in a Rem 700, is the long lead for the bullet to jump to get to the rifling. Even with the 120gr bullets, they could not...
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    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat...

    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat drinking beer all day.