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    SOLD/EXPIRED 210vld and 250elite hunters

    I’ve got about 300 Berger 210 vld hunting
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    WTT Berger 175 VLDH .308 for ELDX 178

    I’ve got a full opened box if someone needs
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    Proof Research Switch with WTO Switch lugs with Bartlein barrels

    WTO has a switch lug for integrated lug actions, I have one on my lone peak fuzion it attaches with roll pins to the action and stays put during barrel swaps.
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    Steiner GS3 3-15x56

    Up 650
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    Steiner GS3 3-15x56

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    Steiner GS3 3-15x56

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    Steiner GS3 3-15x56

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    Remington 700 300 RUM custom mcmillan

    Remington 700 AWR with 26” barrel 300 rum with radial brake, bolt fluting and bolt handle lightening. Has badger bolt knob, Nightforce 20 moa rail, mcmillan carbon edge stock, timney 510. Gun shoots factory Remington with 180 Barnes at about a 1” group at 200 yards. It weighs 7.0 pounds. I will...
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    Nightforce ATACR F1 mil-c 5-25x56 flawless

    I have a used but in flawless shape atacr with mil-c reticle for sale. I took close pictures of the scope where the mount was and it’s clear to see there are no ring marks at all. Will Include box with whats pictured. 2400 shipped. Mount is sold
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    Steiner GS3 3-15x56

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    Steiner GS3 3-15x56

    I have a used Steiner 3-15x56 with a S1 ballistic reticle in it for sale. I had it on a couple different rifle, it has some very faint ring marks that probably aren’t visible in the pictures. No dents in tube only slight finish marring. Scope tracks and holds zero well. 750 shipped with box
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    Sig Kilo 2000

    I’ll take it