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    6.5-300 weatherby mag reloading data

    Have you checked with Berger for load data? I went to them for my 6.5-300 WBY. Also, there is some data in Weatherby Nation for the new 6.5-300.
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    Sako 75 ultra mag?

    I have three Sako 75s in the magnum action (V). The magazine box is 3.727" in my 300 RUM. Max OAL for the Berger 215 hybrid is 3.815". I have never tried the 230 grain bullets, My other Sako 75s ( 300 Weatherby and 7mm STW) have detachable magazines, which are 3.74" in length.
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    For The Mule Deer Fanatic!

    Troy, received my print today. Fantastic mule deer. It will go nicely with my other prints. Thanks, Dale
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    Weatherby accumark 338 lapua

    My cartridge length is .095 off the lands and easily fits the magazine. The 300 grain Elite Hunter bullets do not seem to be that fussy on distance from lands. The Accumark is one of my go to elk rifles.
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    Weatherby accumark 338 lapua

    I own an Accumark 338 Lapua. It will shoot .5 or less moa with 300 gr. Berger Elite Hunter and H1000, Retumbo, or RL33. My favorite load is 99.5 grains of RL33, Lapua brass, and Federal 215 primers. Velocity averages around 2750 fps with low SD and ES. I have had it up to 2800 fps, but the...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50 FFP MOA & MRAD

    I will take the MOA if it is still available.
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    IHR vs. MOAR

    Has anyone used the Nightforce IHR reticle? I am thinking of getting the 2.5-10x42 for my Sako 75 in 7mm STW, and I am split between the MOAR and the IHR reticles. Most of my elk kills have been less than 400 yards the last few years, which is why I am looking at a lighter scope with less...
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    Which Nightforce recticle?

    Check with Bob Beck at Extreme Outer Limits TV. He usually has demos or slightly used Nightforce scopes for sale. I bought three from him last year, MOAR and two Velocity 1000, and they were in mint condition. Great guy to deal with.
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    M70 twist rate

    It is 1:9. I have the Ultimate Shadow in, .264, with a 26 inch barrel. It shoots less than half moa with the Berger 140 vld. Shoot the Berger bullets and see if your rifle likes them.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Misc used optics for sale!

    Bob, You are killing me! I will take the uhv.5. I have been flipping back and forth over the 5.5 vs. the 3.5. I can always pick up a 3.5 later. I can't pass up the deal on the uhv.5. I will mail a bank certified check next Monday. Thanks, Dale
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    Need new glass... Zeiss? Leupold?

    I would go with the new Conquest HD5. The new HD5 is better, to my eyes, than the older Conquest line. I own several Conquests and Leupolds, and for the money I really like the new HD5 in 5-25x50. The older Conquests are good and you can pick one up at a very good price. It looks like they...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED NightForce Scopes

    Bob, I sent you a PM for the 5.5-22 HVM. Dale
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    Give Away Contest - Huskemaw Blue Diamond 3-12 Rifle Scope

    Enter Me In The Huskemaw Scope Contest
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    Weatherby Mark V and Timney Trigger

    I got the safety to work by removing a couple of thousanths of the rear of the sear, per Timney's instructions. I had the correct US trigger for the US made Mark V. Thanks for your responses. I will go the spring route with my other Mark V. Dale
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    Quigley Ford Scope Contest Winners

    Has anyone received theirs yet? I sent an email to Randy at Quigley Ford to check on status and I have heard from him. Dale