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    Ramshot Magum

    Using it for my 7 Mag at the moment and it has been as good as Retumbo for speed and accuracy. My Ramshot magnum load is 3/4 MOA or less in 3 different factory Rem 700's
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    1 in 7.5 Twist 257 Weatherby

    I was blowing primers with Federal Brass. I have changed over to Laupua brass and slowly working back up. Don't have enough supplies to play around too much. I stuck with the node's I know. Once I get restocked I will try again and see what happens.
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    1 in 7.5 Twist 257 Weatherby

    131’s only going 3200 at the moment. That’s node I can reach. The next node in my barrel is 3400 and haven’t gotten to that with out blowing primers. Barrel is 26 inch Sendero contour. Savage long action and a McGowen barrel
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    For sale Berger hunting bullets

    I'll take the the Classic Hunters assuming they are full boxes. Message me on payment info
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    1 in 7.5 Twist 257 Weatherby

    I have a 7 twist 25-06AI and have had no problems shooting 115's and lighter. I had no problem with the 100 gr Swift Scirocco going 3650.
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    131 Blackjacks

    PM me. I just bought a box of 500. I could spare a few
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    25.06 Ackley Improved, powder choices, and load info!

    Has anyone tried R25 with the 131's? I was able to score a few lbs the other day.
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    Savage stock upgrade

    I have a Game Warden on my lefty long action and love it. It's not cheap by any means but buy once cry once I suppose. Also the customer service at McMillan was awesome when it came to getting the custom stock made for me.
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    25.06 Ackley Improved, powder choices, and load info!

    I am running Retumbo in mine. 115 VLD @ 3415 131 BlackJack @ 3200
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    7MM Magnum for Texas Nilgai

    I would go with the A Frame out of the two. Saying that I shot one with my 7 mag using the 168 Berger and it did not need a second shot. It was not full grown but shot placement is key. Mine was quartering away and ruined the entire boiler room. I have heard horror stories from guides from...
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    131 Blackjack bullet experiences

    Lungs were jelly on 3 different deer from 100 - 450 with a 25-06 AI going 3195. All 3 were dead before they hit the ground. Pass throughs on all 3. Has been very deadly on pigs also. All pigs are ear hole shots no matter the distance. I did have a problem finding a good load with the Black...
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    131 blackjack in 25-06ai

    Mine likes Retumbo in Fire-formed brass. The best load for Accuracy I found for Fire-forming used H4350 ( 2834 FPS ) believe it or not. The fire-forming load is slow but it is also Sub 1/2 MOA. I don't remember where I started but I ended up at 60 gr of Retumbo using fire-formed WIN brass. I...
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    Bedding Savage Factory Stock

    I bought a compact 7-08 that wouldnt shoot anything under 2 MOA until I bedded the action in the Accustock. I bought it for my son as a donor action in the future, most of the time Savage's shoot pretty good out of the box. Not this one. It took some work.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Nikon Black FX1000. 6-24x50 MOA

    Would you be interested in a Nikon Black X1000 6-24 x 50 SFP Mil over Mil?
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    Iota Krux

    Can't speak for the Krux but I have an Iota Kremlin and love it. Just saw they were on sale again and may have to buy another one!

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