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    NF Scope or Leupold

    I own 8 Nightforce scopes and have put all my Khales , Zeiss and other quality scopes on my kids and grandkids rifles , the ATACR MOA is my favorite and the 7-35 FFP will be plenty of glass . I do own the Competition NF also but prefer the ATACR over it. Price is not a concern to me either ...
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    Zero at 100 Yards and Leave Turret at 200 Yards for Hunting?

    Personal preference , all mine are set at 100 and I dial or just shoot off the MOA reticle . Depends on how much time I have and if the critter is feeding or on the move , decisions , decisions !
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    Hello, New Here

    Welcome from lower Alabama ! Mr. Lyn runs a tight ship here and I for one appreciate him , Andy and Mrs. Backus a great deal . They are fine people and wonderful to deal with . Just my 2 cents .
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    If it was a Lefty , I'd jump on it . Good luck Sir
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    Rifle stocks, looking at an upgrade.

    McMillan , McMillan McMillan! and Arnold Jewell Trigger !
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    Extended magazine box for browning A=bolt

    Just what I was looking for , for my throated Brwn . 30-06 A-Bolt . thanks guys
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    Small Base Die - Worth the Money?

    You can order from L.E. Wilson ,call them , or their blanks and have your smith ream them for you .
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    Looking for a versatile cartridge

    Put a muzzle break on it and my hard kicking 30-06 hot heavy bullet loads are a pleasure to hunt and shoot from the bench , the shoulder I shoot from was broken off at the ball in a tree stand fall , with the Muzzle break no problems.
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    600 Yards Max for Whitetail: 7mm STW vs 6.5 Creedmoor

    Not what you asked but if you are in the stand before sunup and in the stand till dark as I do . Why would you choose a scope less than 50-56 MM bell ? Here in our deep woods you loose light earlier than in an open been field .throw on that a cloudy day and more than likely you are gone when...
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    30-06 compressed loads

    Yes Sir , and they use Winchester brass and Win.LR primer
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    30-06 compressed loads

    2019 hodgdon-IMR book shows 56gr. start 2019 Hodgdon-IMR book shows start @56gr. H4350 2792FPS and 62 gr. Compressed max for 150gr. Nos. BT 3068FPS .
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    Meat bull down

    And the bolt is on the correct side !
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    Nosler accubond performance

    Give the Federal Trophy bonded tip or the Federal TLR a try, I have shot Elk and deer with them with very good results . Two things you need to know if you are reloading them are that you start low on powder charge as you should on monolithic bullets , monolithic bullets normally produce more...
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    30-06 over 308

    I always put 40 rounds locked up in my aluminum travel case with my rifle ! Its hard to get to the hunt without ammo that way :)))