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    Savage 110 Elite Precision

    I have a model 10 ba stealth with the mdt chassis. Hate the stock. Never could get comfortable with it. Length of pull was too short or too long for me, eye alignment with scope was not good. Recently removed chassis and modified a savage accustock and the recoil lug. Added bottom metal. Shoots...
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    looking for a new rifle

    I recently ordered a criterion 26 " 7.5 twist 243 ai barrel for a savage I have. Waiting for barrel, hope it shoots good
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    savage action

    My savage stealth in 6.5 cr is large shank. I'm not sure but I think the action is a varmint or 112 but it's called model 10. Kinda of confusing. My other model 10 in Creedmoor is a standard shank. Both short actions
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    Wyoming results are up

    First time in 10 years. Didn't draw anything, mule deer or antelope. Waiting for my hunting partner to check his. If he draws I'll go with him . Maybe I'll shoot rabbits.
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    Canned "Recreational Oxygen" for elevation sickness?

    I used acetalzolamide on Colorado hunt. Started taking it on way out. Camped at 9000 ft, hunted up to 11,600. No problem with altitude
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    Help with savage sa cartridge

    Thanks for the responses, I ordered 243 ai dies last night, so I'm going with that at this time. Doing research now on the chamber, how much free bore needed. Leaning toward the berger 105 or 108 extreme hunters. But might use up to 115's.
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    Help with savage sa cartridge

    Thanks for info guys. I'll look at 6xc also. How many companies make 6xc?
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    Help with savage sa cartridge

    Doing research on 6 Creedmoor, I got dies etc. For 243, thought about 1:8 twist 243 throated for heavy bullets, seems about equal to 6 creed.
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    Help with savage sa cartridge

    Probably just hunting, not too heavy a barrel. Researching 284, I know the mag length issues with short action but looks like I could feed 162 gr and not compress powder
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    Help with savage sa cartridge

    I have 2 savage rifles with accustocks both in 6.5 Creedmoor. Thinking of rebarreling one in something else. Looking for suggestions. Have thought of 284 win, 6 creed, 243 ai. Thanks
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    I would be interested if you still have. Live in area
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    Warning about online sites selling components, buyer beware!!

    A friend ordered something from midway a while back. Was tracking and ups said arrived in town but had turned package over to postal service which they shipped to Miami. Took 2 more weeks to come back!!
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    30,000 FED210 Primers Gone in 3 day's
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    Coolest trigger guard?

    I designed mine on auto cad and wrote programs on Haas cnc mill
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    Coolest trigger guard?

    I made one for a mossburg patriot that I got Boyd stock for. Aluminum alot nicer than plastic. Also made a couple for friends f-class custom stock. Don't know if I have pictures but were pretty standard design.